Swissvax Wax Variants

Swissvax Full Detail on a Bentley Supersport, showcased by Reep Detail in the UK

Project Detail is Sydney's only authorised and official Swissvax Detailer. We are trained and use the entire Swissvax range on many of our Swissvax Detail services but also to maintain a wide range of luxury and exotic vehicles for our clientele.

From our signature 21-Stage Wash and Decontamination, we use products like Swissvax Car Bath, Swissvax Paint Rubber or even Swissvax Pneu to dress the tyres.

If you are deciding on a premium wax for you vehicle, Swissvax and Project Detail can provide a comprehensive range of waxes suitable for all classic, modern and brand specific types of paintwork. The waxes include but are not limited to the following list. Some waxes are included in the cost of our Swissvax Detailing services but other waxes do attract a surcharge.


Choose From

  • Swissvax Scuderia + $125 Per Layer
    For soft Italian Paintwork
  • Swissvax Blau-Weiss + $125 Per Layer
    For BMW 'Ceramiclear' finishes
  • Swissvax Zuffenhausen + $125 Per Layer
    For Modern Porsche Paint
  • Swissvax 356 + $125 Per Layer
    For Class Porsche Paint pre 911 993
  • Swissvax Onyx (included)
    Entry Level & Setting the Bench Mark
  • Swissvax Samurai (included)
    Japanese & Asian Paintwork

  • Swissvax Reflexus (included)
    Designed for Lexus Finishes

  • Swissvax Opaque + $125 Per Layer
    Matte/Satin Paintwork

  • Swissvax Paul Dalton's Crystal Rock + $250 Per Layer
    Bespoke & Luxurious Wax for those who want the best.

Because of the bespoke nature of Swissvax's range of handmade waxes, it is important to do the right research to ensure that the best wax is used for your car. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us as we would be more then happy to provide the right information for you.