Summer Specials

Our Opening hours are Monday to Sunday (7 Days), from 8am to 6pm. Prior booking is advised. Valid until 31st of Jan, 2016.

Pre-sale Detail Special

Our signature pre-sale service is available now at a special rate for Summer. Have you just come back from holiday and need some help selling the car? Includes the following:

  • Interior Detail - Vacuum, steam clean and shampoo. Centre Console and Trim cleaning.Leather cleaning and conditioning included if car has leather upholstery. Plastic & Vinyl non-silicone matte/satin Dressing.
  • 3 Bucket Method Wash & Grit Guard, Foam Bath and Clay Bar Treatment
  • Exterior Detail - Wax, Tyre Dressing, Plastics & trim dressing. Glass interior and exterior cleaned.
  • Engine Bay Clean & Detail

Total Time 5-7 hours approximately.

$250 ($360 rrp) for Sedans, coupe's and Hatchbacks
$300 ( $450 rrp) for SUV's small and medium

*additional charges for larger vehicles or excessively dirty vehicles

Window Tinting Full Car Special - Standard Film Only.

Protect yourself, family and car from the Summer heat and UV rays with our tinting package. Using only American made films such as 3M and Suntek, we will tint your car backed by a lifetime warranty with our in-house tinter. This is the same film we apply on Bentleys, AMG's and all types of vehicles achieving fantastic results. Package Includes the following:

  • Full Car Tinting (not available for partial tint jobs)
  • Film Used will reject 40% of Solar Heat and block over 99% of UV Rays.
  • 35% darkness - This is the Darkest legal limit. 35% means, it is letting in 35% of light. So the lower the % the darker.
  • All tinting Customer will receive 20% off all detailing services combined on the same day. See our services here.

Total Time 3-5 hours depending on vehicle.

$200 ($350 rrp) for Sedan's Coupe's and Hatchbacks
$275 ($425)  for People mover vans and 4wd's

*Please note additional 35% charges apply for 3M Films. Prices are from USA Suntek Films.
**All tinting work is covered by our lifetime warranty for labour and installation.


All Specials valid until 31st of January, 2016.