Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 in Giallo Midas

PPF Means Real Asset Protection

Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 fully wrapped in XPEL Ultimate PPF by Project Detail Sydney.

Project Detail in North Rocks, Sydney has grown to focus on prestige and exotic vehicles as we realised that while there were many detailers and even Paint Protection Film (PPF) installers, there weren't many that were designed with quality in mind. The level of expectations for owners who not only drive vehicles of a certain level but fastidious car owners in general means we have refined out process in order to satisfy.

We have had the opportunity to work on many beautiful vehicles but this Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 in Giallo Midas is certainly one of the most memorable due to its striking colour scheme and looks. The owner entrusted Project Detail to provide a 'Full Wrap' with XPEL Ultimate PPF.

Full Wrap - XPEL Ultimate PPF

XPEL is one of the premium, global and leading brands in the PPF industry. When they released XPEL Ultimate, which is 12mm in thickness, consisting of 6 layers and a top coating it was ground breaking and set the bench mark in quality.

Driver's door undergoes installation using XPEL Gel 2.0. Our kits are professionally and tailor designed to ensure the best fitment possible without risk of cutting your paintwork.

A full wrap is a major undertaking, often taking up to a week to complete. The gallery below gives a snap shot and insight into the process involved when we wrapped this Lamborghini Huracan. Please take some time to browse through to see how the PPF is installed and how the fitment of our installations differ from others.

In addition to the quality of the XPEL Ultimate PPF, XPEL has a refined data based known as the DAP. This allows precision and professionally designed kits to be produced tailor made for each make and model of vehicle. This Lamborghini was no different, the owner was after complete protection until time of re-sale.

A Full Wrap is a very intensive service, taking up to but not limited to 1 whole week depending on other options such as interior detailing, wheels or exterior ceramic coatings for example. However, the Full Wrap option also allows very comprehensive protection for the entire painted surface of the car. From the typical high impact areas such as the front bumpers, bonnet and side skirts and now also covering areas like the doors, roof and the rear of the vehicle.

Fully wrapping your vehicle allows it to survive track days, interstate and highway driving and even general parking issues. However, because of the large amounts of time and work, time and cost has to be factored in.

Preparation & Detailing Know-How

Because our focus is prestige and high end detailing and not just installing PPF, our attention to detail and our results are far superior to those who do not detail the vehicle prior to applying the film.

Did you know every car washed with our 21 Stages undergoes a hot foam bath and is washed with hot water to provide a safer and better wash? The heat allows road grime & debris to break down safely and reduces the overall friction required to clean the vehicle.

Just like when applying ceramic glass coatings, careful preparation is critical in achieving the best finish possible. For every PPF installation the car goes through our 21 Stage Wash & Decontamination Process which means your car will have a smoother, glossier and cleaner install then those from window tinters or even vinyl wrapping businesses that also apply PPF.

Once the vehicle is washed, we clay bar the vehicle, use iron fall-out remover and tar remover before wiping down with an alcohol solution to fully ensure the car is 'clean.' Just how clean is your car?

Professionally Tailor Made CAD Designed Kits

CAD Designs & Tailor Made, our kits are precise and allow superior fitment while covering more of your car versus other kits and installers. Have a close look and you can see our kit goes right to the edge.

Not all PPF installations are equal. In fact, as a bottomline there is a massive difference between a good and a bad installation, even if both installers are using the same kit and brand of film. By having experience and understanding how the material behaves, Project Detail is able to install with less seams, joins and get the PPF material closer to the edges without compromising the quality.

Every panel on this Lamborghini is precision fit, we tuck where possible and go as close to the edge when we cannot.

Because quality is our goal, yes our installation take longer then some but our finish is worth the wait.

Because we understand how the PPF material behaves, we are able to install the kits with having the smallest areas not covered by the film. The photos below are close in photos illustrating the precision of our kits and installation. Many businesses will not show case close up photos as the fitment and hand cutting is crooked and may even show cut marks in the paintwork.

The rear quarter panels are also tucked and protected, save for these precision relief joins which allows the material to be tucked without any wrinkles and chance of lifting later.

Our kits are cut to fit around the badges as closely as possible, some other installations will cut a large and often crooked rectangle around badges.

the edge around the door handle is fit as closely as possible to not detract from the appearance of the vehicle.

The Finished Result

After 4 days and wrapping and 1 additional day of detailing, the Huracan LP610-4 is fully protected and ready for track use, country driving and Sydney's motorways. 

Fully wrapping a car gives the most peace of mind for owners looking to preserve the finish of their vehicles. While it's a major undertaking, the protection it offers is worth the cost. For XPEL, being a premium and top tier film, the cost of a full wrap often begins from $5,500 as a minimum. For those looking to fully wrap and wanting something more cost effective, consider Suntek which is from the $4,000 mark.

Fully wrapping a vehicle takes up to a week or sometimes more to complete and allow the film to dry and ensure the edges are down properly.

If you are looking at PPF for your vehicle, click here to have a look at our PPF Overview to see the options and to read more about Project Detail and what we offer. For potential clients looking to book or to know more, you can contact us by clicking here.