Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz C300 Coupe in Hyacinth Red

Why Choose PPF?

C300 Coupe undergoing installation of a Full Front Kit with Suntek PPF.

Are you also considering Paint Protection Film (PPF) ? It is important to browse and look at many points of information on the internet when considering a product like PPF. It is not a straight forward product and requires a specialisation to do properly.

PPF is a specialised 'elastomeric polyurethane' material which depending on the brand consists of multiple layers. In the case of our XPEL and Suntek films up to 6 layers! These layers absorb and is what mitigates the rock impacts, scratches and other physical damage.

Project Detail is located in North Rocks, Sydney specialising in PPF, Premium Detailing and Ceramic Glass Coatings. Our core services revolve around protecting and restoring new and older vehicles to meet their owners expectations.

The owner of this 2017 Mercedes Benz C300 in gorgeous Hyacinth Red lives in Sydney but works interstate. Getting PPF applied on his car was very important in order to survive his regular interstate trips and to preserve the condition of his new vehicle. Project Detail was able to provide the best balance of protection and cost with our Suntek Films.

Suntek PPF - Full Front Kit 

Our PPF installations come in a variety of packages, these can be seen at our PPF Overview by clicking here. On this particular Mercedes, the owner opted for the 'Full Front Kit' as outlined below in the example diagram of the Maserati Ghibli.

The Full Front Kit is designed for those who wish to give their car superior coverage versus just getting the 'Front Bumper Kit' or the 'Partial Front Kit.' The Full Front Kit does not have the line running across the front bumper or front guards like in the partial kit, in addition the areas covered will stop the majority of stone impacts from chipping the front of the car. 

It is important to note that the Full Front Kit's cost is a lot higher versus just getting the front bumper or the partial front kit due to the larger amount of material used in covering large panels like the bonnet and the front guards.

Below is a slideshow outlining the transition of a bonnet piece being laid down, during installation and towards a finishing product.

Custom Install Vs. CAD Pre-Cut Kits

At Project Detail, we have mastered both approaches when it comes to installing PPF; Custom Bulk Fitment and also usage of pre-cut kits which are cut out with our special plotter and using a CAD program.

For example, when it comes to panels like the bonnet, just like in the slideshow above installing through a bulk method actually allows a better fitment. We can not only tuck every edge of the bonnet but also extend the flaps to tuck under further then a pre-designed bonnet. This approach actually allows a better install and the blade when cutting the film is actually not near the paint at all.

However, for areas with a complex design or concave or convex shapes we fully endorse using the pre-designed kits from special databased which are tailor made for each make and model. An example of this is the top of the front bumper of the C300, this piece is specially designed to fit and be stretched over that top panel.

Another example of the accuracy of the pre-cut designs is the front bumper as seen in the two photos below. This is designed to be stretched to the edges and also confirms exactly to the shape and contours of the front quarter panel.

The front quarter panel undergoes installation and currently sits on top of a gel slip solution to allow it to be safely stretched and moved around.

Once the panel is aligned, the solution is pushed out with a series of squidgees which allow it to adhere to the surface properly.

PPF is a good solution for those customers who wish to preserve the finish of their car without needing to respray to fix scratches and stone chips at a later stage. While PPF isn't suitable for all cars and budgets it definitely performs very well and provides genuine tactile protection against physical impacts.

If you would like to consider PPF for your vehicle, you can check out the PPF Overview to see what coverages are commonly available clicking here or contact us by clicking here.