Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Rosso Berlinetta

Full Wrap - Total Asset Protection

Stunning Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - Fully Wrapped & Protected by Project Detail

Project Detail is a specialised PPF studio based in North Rocks, Sydney providing protection options for owners wanting to preserve and enhance their vehicles finish. We are privileged to be able to work on a variety of high-end vehicles which is both challenging in the application process but necessary given the cost of maintaining or repairing these vehicles if there are stone chips or damage.

We've discussed before, a Full Wrap is an intensive project which requires both a lot of time to complete properly and also a lot of material. Both of these mean a Full Wrap will cost more then other PPF services but also requires a lot more skill, attention and patience to get right!

Lamborghini Huracan 610-4, AMG GTS, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and Porsche 911 GTS. Project Detail is the premier location for high end cars that need protection and detailing.

The owner of this Ferrari F12 Berlinetta took a long time before selecting the special optioned colour 'Rossa Berlinetta,' this colour costs an immense $42,000 and requires the car to come off the standard production line and be hand painted in 4 layers, the standard base coat of Rosso Corsa followed up 3 layers of pearl to give the most depth we've ever seen on a red colour. However, this also made the owner worry and look into wrapping the entire vehicle in order to have the car immaculate across track days and the years ahead.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta ready for pickup, RS6 and R35 GTR in background at Project Detail HQ.

For the F12, we used Clear Shield's Ultra PPF Film as we wanted to have a the flattest finish possible in order to show case the paintwork underneath. We have found that certain colours can be diminished as a side effect of PPF. The kit was immense, the bonnet itself came in 3 pieces, and the areas for the doors and rear quarters were curved to allow for the cars aero design.

Paint Correction & Inspection 

For such a bespoke vehicle, we made sure to properly inspect the vehicle. This meant that the F12, like all vehicles at Project Detail underwent our 21 Stage Wash & Decontamination process. Only afterwards, under our intense LED lighting, we could see the condition of the paintwork. The overall paintwork was not bad, but did show signs of dullness from over washing, it also had light swirl marks building up over the body as well as sanding marks and pig tails which unfortunately are the tell tale signs of hands on workmanship from Ferrari whenever a custom colour is chosen.

The Front Bumper being made from plastic, had a a lot of swirls, marring and light haze which were removed after our paint correction process.

The Paint Correction consisted on 2 stages and while many people will think this is excessive, the focus of the correction was more on refining the finish and gloss rather then removing and cutting away defects. A Soft Polishing Pad and an Ultra Finishing Pad were used with the Rupes Bigfoot System in order to achieve the best finish possible.

The colour 'Rosso Berlinetta' after 2 stages of correction prior to PPF Application.

PPF Installation - Front Half

The preparation for a successful PPF Full Wrap is quite intensive, even compared to Ceramic Glass Coatings as the car needs to be carefully washed after its paint correction process to remove all compound dust as well as remove any debris and dust that may have settled on the car. Even the dust in the air can be trapped under the film as it is laid on the vehicle.

We back roll our PPF Kit pieces onto all of our vehicles. While this is cumbersome, many applicators do not back roll which results in more dust, debris and even hair under the film.

Full Front is completed: seamless and glossy it's hard to detect the film without knowing that it has been installed.

Full Front is completed: seamless and glossy it's hard to detect the film without knowing that it has been installed.

The bonnet of the F12 is particularly challenging as the bonnet is so large, it must be done in 3 pieces. These are specially designed and a lot of care must be done to line these up properly. The following slideshow show cases the bonnet going through its installation process.

The area around the vent creates a lot of tension which crates lift in the film. Getting the vent to stay down during the installation is a challenge. Additionally, we prefer to wrap the film under any potential edges given a better finish, reducing one less edge and being doubly sure that that edge doesn't lift in the future.

Once the bonnet is installed, we begin the front guards and also the front bumper. This means that the most important areas of the car; bonnet, front bumper and front guards are covered first. Many customers will only cover there full front as covering the full car can be out of there budge but in this instance, the entire F12 was a car that definitely should be wrapped.

Front Passenger Guard - Installed with PPF Gel for better fitment and installation. 

Front Drivers Guard - CAD Designed, Pre-Cut and Tailor Made for the F12 Berlinetta. Our Kits are designed to fit as precisely as possible when installed correctly.

Mirrors are always the most difficult area to install on a vehicle, thankfully the F12 has standard style mirrors versus the 488!

The front bumper is the most important component in the install. This area will be hit with the most stone chips and must be installed as close to the edged possible in order to provide the most protection possible. Some front bumpers are more complex then others depending on the make and model, but more often they are broken into a few pieces to allow better fitment around vents and curves. The front bumper can also present the largest challenges as there are a large number of convex and concave curves.

PPF Installation - Back Half

The back half of a vehicle is not installed as often as the front half of a car, this means that sometimes the kits requite slight alterations within the computer program to fit properly, but also the pieces are much larger than the front of the car. The rear quarter panels in particularly on some models (like on Porsche 911's) can consist of the side skirt, rear panel and the roof/A Pillars all together in once single piece. This makes that piece harder to manage and much more care needs to be taken while installing.

The Driver's Rear Quarter is one of the largest pieces on the car. The process of making sure it lines up is extremely important.

During this part we also install the doors and the rear bumper. Depending on the car, the rear bumper can be straight forward or very difficult since it's a very wide piece but also requires a lot of stretch and fitment around badges.

The Doors are also installed during this time, and also require some adustment in order to fit around key holes, door handles, mirrors if present and also to ensure that the edges have enough over hand to wrap behind the door edges.

Before - Passenger Door. Heavy use of PPF Gel as the liquid runs down and dries out faster.

After - Passenger Door. Clean Install, with edges tucked away and door handle positioned correctly.

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta's rear bumper was particularly challenging to install. This bumper alone would take several hours to install.

The area around the bumper plate is under a lot of tension and constantly springs back even after being installed.

Installation Complete - PPF Full Wrap

Once the installation is complete, the vehicle is not ready to be released. Far from being ready, the car must sit and dry overnight in order the achieve the best results. During cold weather, this part of the process can actually take longer as the moisture trapped in the edges and under the film takes time to evaporate and dry.

The following photo's show just how good the F12 looked after installation. The rear bumper, rear quarter panel were particularly challenging to ensure a clean install without excessive bubbles.

Detailing & Interior Treatment

Part of our speciality at Project Detail is making sure all the finishing touches are done. While many will focus on just the PPF Installation, we ensure all components of the car are detailed properly.

Ferrari's are considered works of art, and there interior are no different. Covered with Poltona Frau Nappa Leather of the highest degree, the two tone of beige and black looks classy and contrasts the harsh nature of the F12.

We cleaned and conditioned all the two tone Nappa leather, afterwards we treated them with a 2 Part Leather Coating to ensure longevity and ease of cleaning in the future. The carbon fibre trim in the interior was polished with the Rupes Ibrid Nano where needed and then coated in our ceramic glass coating for further protection.

Did you know, the F12's Aircon vents are milled from single piece of Alloy, covered with Carbon Fibre the interior is as bespoke and beautiful as the rest of the vehicle. Why would you neglect the interior?

The Finished Product

Finished walk around of the intense and beautiful Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Fully wrapped in PPF and Ceramic Coated by Project Detail.

This Ferrari actually took us over 2 weeks to finish, the preparation, the paint correction and the detailing before and after took the appropriate length of time to finish properly. In Addition, the PPF installation itself took a lot longer then more straightforward vehicles, however the finished results are well worth the time taken.

CAD Designed, Tailor Made and Precise.

We cover as much as possible with our film.

Unless we de-badge a car, this as close as you will get to the badges.

Consistent fitment that is hard to spot.

In addition to PPF, Project Detail is specialised in Ceramic Glass coatings. We apply coatings on a daily basis which gives us the experience in protecting your vehicle beyond your dealership or other detailers. 

More on our ceramic coatings can be found here.

Complete Protection - Full PPF & Ceramic Coated by Project Detail.

Ceramic Coatings balance out the weaknesses of PPF, while the PPF is a fantastic product which gives superior protection that cannot be matched by coatings the ppf itself is susceptible to staining, acid etching and even bug splatter marks over time can cause markings if not washed off soon. 

The coatings provide a gloss and depth that cannot be achieved by PPF but also a hydrophobic surface which allows easier cleaning and fantastic water beading.

Water bead testing on the ceramic coated PPF surface of the Ferrari F12. How protected is your car? A strong hydrophobic coating allows easier cleaning and protection against the elements.

If you are looking to protect your Ferrari or any other car, contact us by clicking here or feel free to give us a call so we can give you a quote and discuss your vehicle's requirements.

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Porsche Cayman GT4 in Carrera White

XPEL Ultimate - Full Wrap at Project Detail

Two Porsche Cayman GT4's Carrera White and Guards Red both PPF protected by Project Detail.

Two Porsche Cayman GT4's Carrera White and Guards Red both PPF protected by Project Detail.

XPEL has set the standard globally for Paint Protection Film (PPF) for all consumers both in terms of their superb fitment of the kits and the quality of films like the XPEL Ultimate range. Ultimate was one of the first films to have a multi-layer approach consisting of a Clear Coat Top Coat which not only provide superb protection versus staining but also houses the strong self healing ability that XPEL film has become known for.

Project Detail has been fortunate enough to work on a variety of Porsche's including rarer and more track focussed models from the GT and RS ranges. The owner for the Carrera White Metallic GT4 was very keen on tracking his car regularly. He opted for a full wrap with XPEL's Ultimate film in order to preserve the paintwork by providing it with the most comprehensive protection available with Sydney's PPF specialist.

Proper Preparation is Key.

As with all vehicles detailed at Project Detail, properly washing, decontaminating and preparing the vehicle ensures a better finish. This is true not just for Ceramic Glass Coatings but especially so for PPF when there is always a risk of  Inclusions; debris, dust and even lint, can be trapped under the film during installation.

As per the slideshow, each vehicle for PPF undergoes our 21 Stage Wash & Decontamination in order to make sure the car is up to our standard of cleanliness. Ceramic Coating and PPF both require the vehicles to be prepared in a very particular manner.

Project Detail provides the extra mile by carefully removing headlights and other areas that would otherwise prevent a cleaner and better install. The parts are then re-installed properly.

Once the car is washed of simple debris, decontamination is a must in order to remove items which may be seen through the film itself such as tar, tree sap or other contaminants. This is particularly poignant with white vehicles where any particles can be noticed on the white surface.

XPEL Ultimate

XPEL PPF often has extended edges which allow for areas to be tucked or hidden when possible. By having more material, it allows for a cleaner and better install.

While to the naked eye, PPF just looks like a clear plastic or vinyl, the process is actually a lot more complex. XPEL Ultimate for example actually consists for 3 Layers; a special acrylic adhesive, the Polyurethane itself and the self healing clear coat. These three layers combined equal over 200 μm (compared to an average ceramic glass coating thickness of 2-5 μm) this is what provides the core thickness to protect your paintwork against repeated abuse from stone chips and other impacts.

By removing the headlights, the film is able to be tucked under the entire edge. This removes a major edge on the front portion of the vehicle and gives a slight advantage in protection.

The major advantage to XPEL's Ultimate film was the introduction of a clear coat on the top of the PPF. This meant that compared to other older films, XPEL Ultimate was more resistant to yellowing or oxidising and much more stain resistant as a a result.

This clear coat has since been copied and adapted by many competitors which goes to show how effective and the results it provides in real world conditions.

Pre-Cut, CAD Designed and Tailor Made Kits for your Car.

There are typically two methods when installing PPF, for a long time custom fitment or 'bulk fitment' was preferred. This was simply due to fact that the kits are the time (pre 2014) were not up to the same standard when compared to what is available now.

The gallery below show cases some before and after photos and also show cases the accuracy of the pre-cut templates. Project Detail is a heavy proponent of using pre-cut templates, this allows for more precise fitment without over stretching the limits of the material as well as removing the risk of using a blade on the paintwork.

Completed Install & Ceramic Glass Coating

Part of our specialist is derived from our foundations as high-end detailers. This means that ultimately, compared to PPF installers who mainly do vinyl wrapping or car tinters, we have an eye for detail and also care for the overall finish for the car too from a detailing perspective. 

This means looking into protection options for other areas where PPF isn't an option such as brake calipers and wheels. Other options is applying ceramic coatings on top of the PPF, treatment of the interior materials and finally the overall finishing of the car too.

Ceramic Coating Brakes will allow these to stay bright red and be much easier to clean.

Properly coating the wheels means both the barrel and face of the wheel.

Once the detailing and finishing touches are done, it's important that the film is allowed sit and rest for at least half a day to a full day. This will allow the film to relax, moisture to evaporate and the bubbles and blemishes begin to subside. This means that the film will have more clarity as present as a better product for the owner.

XPEL's Ultimate PPF with a finishing sealant looks fantastic on this Porsche Cayman GT4 in Carrera White Metallic.

A full wrap for a vehicle is a large job, the time can often take up to and sometimes over a week to complete especially if combined with a ceramic coating option and also allowing the film proper time to dry and settle.

The owner was extremely happy with the finish and the film has allowed the car to survive repeated track use at Eastern Creek and Wakefield Park.

More information on a Full Wrap can be found by clicking here.

If you would like more information regarding wrapping and protecting your vehicle, please feel free to contact us through the website by clicking here.

Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 in Giallo Midas

PPF Means Real Asset Protection

Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 fully wrapped in XPEL Ultimate PPF by Project Detail Sydney.

Project Detail in North Rocks, Sydney has grown to focus on prestige and exotic vehicles as we realised that while there were many detailers and even Paint Protection Film (PPF) installers, there weren't many that were designed with quality in mind. The level of expectations for owners who not only drive vehicles of a certain level but fastidious car owners in general means we have refined out process in order to satisfy.

We have had the opportunity to work on many beautiful vehicles but this Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 in Giallo Midas is certainly one of the most memorable due to its striking colour scheme and looks. The owner entrusted Project Detail to provide a 'Full Wrap' with XPEL Ultimate PPF.

Full Wrap - XPEL Ultimate PPF

XPEL is one of the premium, global and leading brands in the PPF industry. When they released XPEL Ultimate, which is 12mm in thickness, consisting of 6 layers and a top coating it was ground breaking and set the bench mark in quality.

Driver's door undergoes installation using XPEL Gel 2.0. Our kits are professionally and tailor designed to ensure the best fitment possible without risk of cutting your paintwork.

A full wrap is a major undertaking, often taking up to a week to complete. The gallery below gives a snap shot and insight into the process involved when we wrapped this Lamborghini Huracan. Please take some time to browse through to see how the PPF is installed and how the fitment of our installations differ from others.

In addition to the quality of the XPEL Ultimate PPF, XPEL has a refined data based known as the DAP. This allows precision and professionally designed kits to be produced tailor made for each make and model of vehicle. This Lamborghini was no different, the owner was after complete protection until time of re-sale.

A Full Wrap is a very intensive service, taking up to but not limited to 1 whole week depending on other options such as interior detailing, wheels or exterior ceramic coatings for example. However, the Full Wrap option also allows very comprehensive protection for the entire painted surface of the car. From the typical high impact areas such as the front bumpers, bonnet and side skirts and now also covering areas like the doors, roof and the rear of the vehicle.

Fully wrapping your vehicle allows it to survive track days, interstate and highway driving and even general parking issues. However, because of the large amounts of time and work, time and cost has to be factored in.

Preparation & Detailing Know-How

Because our focus is prestige and high end detailing and not just installing PPF, our attention to detail and our results are far superior to those who do not detail the vehicle prior to applying the film.

Did you know every car washed with our 21 Stages undergoes a hot foam bath and is washed with hot water to provide a safer and better wash? The heat allows road grime & debris to break down safely and reduces the overall friction required to clean the vehicle.

Just like when applying ceramic glass coatings, careful preparation is critical in achieving the best finish possible. For every PPF installation the car goes through our 21 Stage Wash & Decontamination Process which means your car will have a smoother, glossier and cleaner install then those from window tinters or even vinyl wrapping businesses that also apply PPF.

Once the vehicle is washed, we clay bar the vehicle, use iron fall-out remover and tar remover before wiping down with an alcohol solution to fully ensure the car is 'clean.' Just how clean is your car?

Professionally Tailor Made CAD Designed Kits

CAD Designs & Tailor Made, our kits are precise and allow superior fitment while covering more of your car versus other kits and installers. Have a close look and you can see our kit goes right to the edge.

Not all PPF installations are equal. In fact, as a bottomline there is a massive difference between a good and a bad installation, even if both installers are using the same kit and brand of film. By having experience and understanding how the material behaves, Project Detail is able to install with less seams, joins and get the PPF material closer to the edges without compromising the quality.

Every panel on this Lamborghini is precision fit, we tuck where possible and go as close to the edge when we cannot.

Because quality is our goal, yes our installation take longer then some but our finish is worth the wait.

Because we understand how the PPF material behaves, we are able to install the kits with having the smallest areas not covered by the film. The photos below are close in photos illustrating the precision of our kits and installation. Many businesses will not show case close up photos as the fitment and hand cutting is crooked and may even show cut marks in the paintwork.

The rear quarter panels are also tucked and protected, save for these precision relief joins which allows the material to be tucked without any wrinkles and chance of lifting later.

Our kits are cut to fit around the badges as closely as possible, some other installations will cut a large and often crooked rectangle around badges.

the edge around the door handle is fit as closely as possible to not detract from the appearance of the vehicle.

The Finished Result

After 4 days and wrapping and 1 additional day of detailing, the Huracan LP610-4 is fully protected and ready for track use, country driving and Sydney's motorways. 

Fully wrapping a car gives the most peace of mind for owners looking to preserve the finish of their vehicles. While it's a major undertaking, the protection it offers is worth the cost. For XPEL, being a premium and top tier film, the cost of a full wrap often begins from $5,500 as a minimum. For those looking to fully wrap and wanting something more cost effective, consider Suntek which is from the $4,000 mark.

Fully wrapping a vehicle takes up to a week or sometimes more to complete and allow the film to dry and ensure the edges are down properly.

If you are looking at PPF for your vehicle, click here to have a look at our PPF Overview to see the options and to read more about Project Detail and what we offer. For potential clients looking to book or to know more, you can contact us by clicking here.

Mercedes Benz C300 Coupe in Hyacinth Red

Why Choose PPF?

C300 Coupe undergoing installation of a Full Front Kit with Suntek PPF.

Are you also considering Paint Protection Film (PPF) ? It is important to browse and look at many points of information on the internet when considering a product like PPF. It is not a straight forward product and requires a specialisation to do properly.

PPF is a specialised 'elastomeric polyurethane' material which depending on the brand consists of multiple layers. In the case of our XPEL and Suntek films up to 6 layers! These layers absorb and is what mitigates the rock impacts, scratches and other physical damage.

Project Detail is located in North Rocks, Sydney specialising in PPF, Premium Detailing and Ceramic Glass Coatings. Our core services revolve around protecting and restoring new and older vehicles to meet their owners expectations.

The owner of this 2017 Mercedes Benz C300 in gorgeous Hyacinth Red lives in Sydney but works interstate. Getting PPF applied on his car was very important in order to survive his regular interstate trips and to preserve the condition of his new vehicle. Project Detail was able to provide the best balance of protection and cost with our Suntek Films.

Suntek PPF - Full Front Kit 

Our PPF installations come in a variety of packages, these can be seen at our PPF Overview by clicking here. On this particular Mercedes, the owner opted for the 'Full Front Kit' as outlined below in the example diagram of the Maserati Ghibli.

The Full Front Kit is designed for those who wish to give their car superior coverage versus just getting the 'Front Bumper Kit' or the 'Partial Front Kit.' The Full Front Kit does not have the line running across the front bumper or front guards like in the partial kit, in addition the areas covered will stop the majority of stone impacts from chipping the front of the car. 

It is important to note that the Full Front Kit's cost is a lot higher versus just getting the front bumper or the partial front kit due to the larger amount of material used in covering large panels like the bonnet and the front guards.

Below is a slideshow outlining the transition of a bonnet piece being laid down, during installation and towards a finishing product.

Custom Install Vs. CAD Pre-Cut Kits

At Project Detail, we have mastered both approaches when it comes to installing PPF; Custom Bulk Fitment and also usage of pre-cut kits which are cut out with our special plotter and using a CAD program.

For example, when it comes to panels like the bonnet, just like in the slideshow above installing through a bulk method actually allows a better fitment. We can not only tuck every edge of the bonnet but also extend the flaps to tuck under further then a pre-designed bonnet. This approach actually allows a better install and the blade when cutting the film is actually not near the paint at all.

However, for areas with a complex design or concave or convex shapes we fully endorse using the pre-designed kits from special databased which are tailor made for each make and model. An example of this is the top of the front bumper of the C300, this piece is specially designed to fit and be stretched over that top panel.

Another example of the accuracy of the pre-cut designs is the front bumper as seen in the two photos below. This is designed to be stretched to the edges and also confirms exactly to the shape and contours of the front quarter panel.

The front quarter panel undergoes installation and currently sits on top of a gel slip solution to allow it to be safely stretched and moved around.

Once the panel is aligned, the solution is pushed out with a series of squidgees which allow it to adhere to the surface properly.

PPF is a good solution for those customers who wish to preserve the finish of their car without needing to respray to fix scratches and stone chips at a later stage. While PPF isn't suitable for all cars and budgets it definitely performs very well and provides genuine tactile protection against physical impacts.

If you would like to consider PPF for your vehicle, you can check out the PPF Overview to see what coverages are commonly available clicking here or contact us by clicking here.