Skunkworks Porsche 964 911 Carrera RS-4

Where do we begin with this car, amongst the Sydney and Australia Porsche scene this car if renowned for the time and effort that has gone into building and creating this car, being featured on Speed Hunters and built by Autohaus Hamilton in Brookvale. 
With the value on air-cooled Porsches increasing every year, this 964 911 Carrera RS-4 can be considered a work of art. Every element of this car has been customised, the paintwork 'Black Grey' was coveted colour choice for the 997 911 GT3 RS released between 2006 and 2011. The Brake Calipers are Bright Green, the wheels are Satin Black. There are way too many details to mention and not forgetting the engine which has a had enough work you could buy a new Toyota Camry.

If you are interested in the work behind the build and creation of this beautiful Porsche, the following links are some articles you can read about it.

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Work begins on 964 911 Porsche Carerra RS-4

Project Detail was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to detail this much loved machine to its peak condition. We would add our passion into this vehicle, meaning everything from the mechanic to the owner and now us, the detailer would be applying the utmost car for this Porsche.

The owners allowed us correct the paint as much as possible with the exception of wet sanding. This meant that everything with the exception of stone chips (from spirited driving of course) and the orange peel in the paintwork would be removed.

Even though the car had been cared for, the paintwork and finish were missing a detailer. The paintwork required more then a 2 stage to make the flat 'Black Grey' as glossy and defect free as possible.

The car's paintwork would be protected with TAC System's Quartz Sparkle 75% Glass Coating. The wheels and Calipers were coated with Quartz Magic Wheel & Brake Coating.

The end result after 2 stages of polishing and applying Quartz Sparkle Glass Coating.

Swirl Marks & Scratches - 2 Stage Paint Correction 50/50

Using Rupes Italian Polishers, paintwork is polished to a high gloss.


From the extensive correction, to the custom interior detailing and finally applying and curing the Glass Coating for protection, this Porsche took Project Detail an entire week to complete. 

We only use the best and relevant equipment and chemicals to obtain the results. This car was polished using the italian made Rupes Bigfoot polisher and the German made Detailing Kingdom compounds and polishes. 

The grey colour is a unique colour as it appears very flat, but once all the defects are removed the surface becomes extremely glossy. After applying Quartz Sparkle, the surface is superior to all but the best waxes.

Total time 60 hours - 
55 hours Paint Correction
3 Hours for Interior detail, suede cleaning and engine bay detailing
2 Hours Applying Coating