Ferrari 488 GTB in Avus Bianco

Modern Beauty & Grace

Ferrari 488 GTB in Avus Bianco protected with Modesta BC-04 Nano Titanium Glass Coating.

The Ferrari 488 GTB made shockwaves upon its release in 2016, succeeding the iconic 458 Italian and the even rarer 458 Speciale. The looks and the performance of the 488 GTB were striking and otherworldly, boasting impressive performance figures to boot. One of the biggest concerns was the use of a smaller engine with two turbo chargers versus the older naturally aspirated V8 engine in the 458 Italia and Speciale but as many owners and reviewers found out Ferrari didn't disappoint.

The 488 GTB's exterior is incredibly bold, taking cues from the older 458 models and trimming away and refining the overall looks to something aggressive and even sleeker. What we found interesting was the level of detail and time that the individual owner had taken in designing and optioning the car versus another 488 for example; small badges, colour or interior differences and even down to the carpet matts. 

The interior was incredible in another sense. For a supercar, the 488 was almost unbelievably easy to get in and out of. Furthermore the seats were very comfortable and best of the all the fitment and quality had surpassed the Ferrari's of yesteryear. 

Project Detail is a premium detailing studio in North Rocks, Sydney which focusses on delivering bespoke protection services for owners that care for their vehicles. We were fortunate enough to be able to work and provide our services for this Ferrari, choosing Modesta BC-04 for the solid white while maintaining a harder and more scratch resistant glass coating.

Our 21 Stage Wash & Decontamination

We use a pH neutral citrus based 'pre-wash' solution to soak the vehicle before washing starts.

When washing a vehicle of this calibre but also for any vehicle, proper techniques make or break how good the overall finish will be. Many detailers often overlook just how much difference just a 'good' wash can make.

Project Detail utilises a standardised '21 Stage Wash Method' which contains many fail-safes and components which assist in removing as much dirt and debris from the vehicle's surface even before our wash mitts touch the surface. We also utilise hot water between 30-90 degrees in remove and clean the car to another level.

Another core component of our '21 Wash Method' is the hot foam bath.

By taking the time to remove all loose dirt prior to a physical wash, the paint's condition will have the best chance of scratch/swirl free. Light physical defects are caused by friction and the grinding of grit against the surface of the paintwork. If done properly and regularly, by the time the multi-bucket wash and mitts do touch the surface, there shouldn't be any dirt on the car. By installing a good glass coating system like Modesta, this process then becomes even easier. 

A good iron fallout remover is use on the paintwork, dissolving brake dust and other ferrous items

Once the car is washed properly, only then can we begin the 'decontamination' process. This involves the removal of items embedded into the paintwork that cannot be normally be removed easily by the above mentioned washing techniques. These can include but are not limited to: iron fallout from brake dust and carbon build up, tree sap, other dirt and contamination and pollution, overspray from the general environment.

Traditionally these are removed through the usage of a Clay Bar but modern detailing methods also have chemicals which can dissolve or soften the contamination to be removed safely without scratching the paintwork.

Further Preparation

The slide show shows the car on a hoist with the wheels removed. This allows us to perform a deeper clean of the wheels arches and inspect underneath the Ferrari as well as having a closer look under our lighting.

Closer inspection revealed that all 4 Calipers were worn from the dealership.

Project Detail has specialised equipment to be able to polish even the smallest areas.

One of the things we noticed on this 488, all 4four Yellow optioned brake calipers were all scuffed and this could not be removed with solvents, rubbing alcohol or polished by hand. We used our Rupes TA-50 Air Polisher (also Italian made) with a custom made Microfibre pad and some Modesta C-02 Compound to polish each brake individually. This not only removed the scuff mark but made the brakes deeper and glossier ready for coating.

Modesta BC-06 is a heat and physically resistant coating designed for durability.

Applied to wheels & brakes then IR cured for maximum strength and longevity.

Once the deeper cleaner and the car has been prepared, the paintwork will undergo paint correction, allowing the paintwork to be truly clean and defect free before we proceed to priming and coating the car.

Modesta P-01A & BC-04 

Hand made in small batches, Modesta produces truly incomparable products. 

Hand made in small batches, Modesta produces truly incomparable products. 

In order to get the best gloss from the Solid White colour while giving a superior hardness and scratch resistance, the owner opted for BC-04 Nano-Titanium Glass Coating. Containing high grade titanium oxide, BC-04 is a hydrophillic coating, installed under wet conditions.

Being a hydrophillic coating, the water bead contact angle is much lower then many hydrophobic coatings but is also more readily able to sheet the water from the surface while also being more resistant to water spotting which can be considered the weakness for many hydrophobic coatings on the market.

Modesta BC-04 being installed under 'wet' conditions.

Like all Modesta coatings, BC-04 is no different requiring an application of P-01A Primer before hand to give a thick base of special Alkyd Resin for the coating to form a strong bond to give a longer lifespan and increased thickness.

After application, infrared curing is required for the coating to reach full strength. Due to the thickness of Modesta's coatings without infrared curing the coating would take much too long to cure properly and also fail to reach full strength and potentially failing early.

Each panel of the vehicle undergoes the laborious process of infrared curing increasing the strength and lifespan of the coating.

The Finished Product

After days of work, the Ferrari 488 GTB is full coated and protected with an exclusive protection, Modesta by Project Detail. 
The gallery below showcases some of the finishing shots, note the bright and crispness of the paintwork which contrasts how glossy and deep the gloss black, carbon fibre and even the wheels.

Ferrari has truly outdone their efforts in the 458 with the new 488 series. Project Detail has aimed to detail and preserve the finish as befitting a vehicle of this calibre for years to come.

Total Time Taken: 31 Hours
4 Hours for 21-stage wash and decontamination
10 Hours for 2 stage paint correction & P-01A
10 Hours for Modesta BC-04 Coating Application & Infrared Curing
4 Hours for Wheel Removal, Clean and Application of BC-06
3 Hours for Interior Detail & Leather Conditioning

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More information on the range of Modesta coatings can be found here.

More details on our services can be found here.


Audi RS3 Sportsback in Glacier White

Audi's 5 Cylinder Madness

Audi RS3 Sportsback in Glacier White. Coated by Project Detail with Modesta BC-04 Nano Titanium Glass Coating. We have had the opportunity to maintain this for the owner.

Audi's decision to release the RS3 variant to Australia was well met by car fans in Australia, fitting nicely into the premium and and sitting atop performance hatchback category. The 5 Cylinder was a standout, with owners either keeping them stock or getting mind blowing (and ear piercing) performance with just a few select changes.

Project Detail has been chosen to protect a number of RS3's as an official installer for Modesta Liquid Glass Coatings including this example in Glacier White. The owner had previously had his older vehicles coated in other professional ceramic coatings including Silicon Carbide coatings which he was not happy with their long term performance overall.

Infrared Curing & the right procedures

Project Detail utilises the right equipment in order to provide the right results.

The RS3 underwent a full protection process; paint correction and an application of P01A, and then the BC-04 Coating. We also fully removed the wheels in order to deep clean and spray apply BC-06 Heat Resistant Coating for the wheels and brakes.

Each panel or wheel was then cured with infrared heating lamps in order to finish the curing process. Modesta requires infrared curing in order to achieve the full potential and hardness of the coating.

Even each individual wheel is infrared cured, this ensures that the BC-06 gives long lasting protection.

Ongoing maintenance is another important aspect that many other coating companies neglect. Any coating, even Modesta requires the right care. Just as if one were to purchase a Ferrari, the Ferrari would still require servicing and ongoing care. 

Project Detail can provide this ongoing maintenance for its clients but it also sells a the Maintenance range from Modesta which greatly aids in keeping and getting the most from your coating.

M4 Smoke is a wet applied conditioner designed for your Modesta coating. It preserves and prolongs the water behaviour on the surface of your vehicle.

Project Detail has been maintaining this particular Audi RS3 for over a year, the owner has been very impressed and the car has remained in great condition for a long period of time. Occasionally the car will require more intensive maintenance since it is a white coloured vehicle, areas such as tree sap, tar or iron fall out can be removed through the right detailing techniques preserving the coating underneath.

1 year later, the surface of the RS3 remains bright, glossy and still sheets and repels water.

Total Time Taken: 24 Hours
2 Hours for 21-stage wash and decontamination
7 Hours for 2 stage paint correction & P-01A
10 Hours for Modesta BC-04 Coating Application & Infrared Curing
2 Hours for Wheel Removal, Clean and Application of BC-06
3 Hours for Interior Detail & Leather Conditioning

If you would like to enquire about any of the services mentioned above, contact Project Detail by sending us an email or clicking here.

More information on the range of Modesta coatings can be found here.

More details on our services can be found here.

Jaguar F-Pace in Ammonite Grey Metallic

Jaguar's SUV Entrant

Project Detail Sydney specialises in car detailing and is an official installer for Modesta Glass Coating. This Jaguar F Pace looks spectacular in the afternoon sun, coated in Modesta BC-04.

The Jaguar F-Pace made quite a splash on it's release in 2016, arriving around the same time as two other luxury SUV entrants; the Bentley Bentayga and the Maserati Levante. It's looks were uniquely Jaguar but it managed to transition into a small SUV quite smoothly and carried over it's success in recent years.

This particular F-Pace in Ammonite Grey Metallic was dark and contrasting. The owner came from Mosman, wanting to provide it with an exclusive and effective paint protection. After researching and going through the various options with us, the owner opted for Modesta BC-04 Nano Titanium Glass Coating for its durability and high gloss and additionally Modesta BC-06 for the beautiful two-tone black wheels.

Paint Correction & Priming the Paintwork

A key point of difference to Modesta versus other coating systems available in Sydney, Australia is that Modesta is a complete system. While other coatings have a universal product or just a standalone product, Modesta provides a comprehensive solution offering over 4 types of coatings. Each one has a different chemical makeup and provides a different solution; providing the best results matched for different colours, varying durability and the difference between hydrophillic and hydrophobic.

The car exhibited light swirl marks and light marring after our wash and decontamination process. The F Pace underwent our 21 Stage Wash & Decontamination, making sure it was ready for inspection and paint correction.

Modesta produces a groundbreaking system, starting from quality products like C-02 Compound.

The Jaguar F Pace's paint correction is completed, the paintwork is already more glossy and luminous.

Many clients ask why its necessary to polish and paint correct their new vehicle. There are two major reasons, the first is to remove any light defects that may be leftover from the dealership such as swirl marks and scratches from the mechanics handling the vehicle. Secondly, in order the get the best results, the paintwork must be polished. There is no questioning this, the paintwork never comes from the factory as refined as it can be as it just isn't economical for the dealership.

Modesta P-01A a truly unique product and an integral part of the Modesta System.

Once the paint correction is complete, the final step for a Modesta application is polishing with Modesta P-01A which is the specially designed primer. P-01A is an outstanding finishing polish, able to bring the gloss to an extremely fine level of clarity. In addition, P-01A contains an Alkyd resin which over a few hours binds to the clear coat creating its own coating which is measured between 8-10µm per layer. This product can be layered for additional thickness and compounding gloss.

Modesta P-01A applied and awaiting removal and curing.

Finally, the reason why P-01A is an essential step and is that it aids in the installation of the actual coating that is to come. The coating bonds to the Alkyd resin, forming a much stronger and longer lasting result.

Jaguar F Pace with Modesta P-01A removed. The gloss has improved significantly, in addition to the coming coating and curing, the final results will be stunning.

BC-04 Nano Titanium Glass Coating

The owners decision to choose BC-04 among the various Modesta coating options was based off the desire for durability and also the prevention of water spotting. In addition to providing a deep gloss and shine on the Ammonite Grey Metallic, BC-04 contains titanium-oxide which adds to the durability of the coating. With a measurable thickness of 2-3μm, BC-04 is also hydrophillic by nature.

Modesta BC-04 is applied under wet conditions, this makes it unique to almost all other coatings. This showcases the chemical makeup and the technology of Modesta is unmatched.

Being hydrophillic, this is key to preventing water spotting long term which is especially prevalent on gun metal shades of colour. The hydrophillic surface allows the coating to 'sheet' the water rather then purely beading like many other hydrophobic coatings available. This allows the coating to better rid of the water which is likely to sit motionless and etch into the surface overtime.

BC-04 is a hydrophillic coating applied extremely thickly under wet conditions. 

Once the coating has cured and has been removed from the surface of the paintwork, the coating continues to cure while leaving behind an unbelievably deep gloss and reflections.

Modesta BC-04 application is complete.

The Importance of Infrared Curing

The Jaguar F Pace's coating undergoes Infrared curing which is critical to Modesta's system.

Infrared curing is becoming more and more prominent to the coatings which exist in Australia. However, Modesta to date is the only one which requires the infrared to be part of its system. The infrared curing causes the solvents in the coating to evaporate faster and greatly accelerates curing but most importantly strengthens the molecular reaction and makes the coating stronger.

Many other coatings are beginning to use these lamps in order to speed up their curing times but unlike Modesta the lamps are purely to speed up the curing and do not affect the chemical reaction.

The entire body, every panel require infrared curing to reach full strength.

BC-06 Heat Resistant Coating

Modesta BC-06 is an excellent investment for all rims and performance brakes.

Modesta has a wide variety of coatings, as aforementioned each coating is specially designed to be different and be able to provide the best protection for its purpose. Modesta BC-06 is a primary example of this. Undergoing years of research, BC-06 is spray applied and coats the receiving surface with a thin layer of PHPS Silica (perhydropolysilazane) which in turn become extremely durable. 

Modesta BC-06 is spray applied and is fast drying once sprayed.

Surfaces coated in BC-06 are extremely resistant to heat as the coating is designed to be resistant beyond other coatings in the Modesta range. By providing protection up to 1,300 °C, wheels and brakes are able to stay protected even with long term or extreme use.

In fact, we have had great feedback from clients informing us that the coating has allowed his wheels to be extremely easy to clean post track use.

BC-06 creates a deeper matte finish and increases the gloss for gloss finishes.

Once all the wheels are coated and have dried to the touch, the wheels are then cured with infrared just like the paintwork. For those concerned with how the BC-06 coating will affect their wheels, it is a brilliantly designed product which accentuates the gloss finishes while creating a much deeper and richer finish for matte finishes.

These awesome Jaguar wheels are reinstalled and ready for years of abuse.

Miscellaneous Parts of the Service

All wheels prior to Modesta BC-06 require deep cleaning and preparation.

There are also many little things we do to make sure each installation goes perfect for the client. Deep cleaning the wheels is a core component, because at Project Detail we are able to use our hoists and remove the wheels thoroughly they are then cleaned much more effectively then detailers who are not able to remove the wheels.

In addition, something a little extra we did for this car is remove the Centre Caps, polish them and coat them in Modesta BC-05 for extra pop to give it a little extra effect.

Inspired by Miracle Detail and Paul Dalton, even the Centre Caps are polished and coated!

The Final Results

The Jaguar literally had a 'glass like' finish when it was first brought outside.

It's extremely hard to describe how a finished product for Modesta looks and photos rarely do the car justice but Modesta is strikingly glossy. The culmination of all the steps, all the hours going into preparing a car makes it look amazing when it's complete.

The following slideshow showcases the effects and how the car looked completed.

Modesta requires 3-4 times the amount of time when compared to other coatings. This is not something extraordinary, but when a product has additional steps and is much thicker as an end result it makes sense that more time must be taken to prepare, install and finish the overall service.

Modesta is also a very exclusive coating, with only 2 applicators per capital city in Australia the approach is vastly different then many other coatings which in the interest of selling products induct as many applicators as possible. Modesta and Project Detail's interest lays specifically in quality and the satisfaction of the client. 

The cost is definitely higher, and our clients appreciate the approach of quality rather than the approach of price matching or cost cutting.

Gorgeous Wheels, treated and cured with Modesta BC-06 Heat Resistant Coating.

Modesta BC-04, the results are self explanatory.

Total Time Taken: 23 Hours
2 Hours for 21-stage wash and decontamination
6 Hours for 2 stage paint correction & P-01A
10 Hours for Modesta BC-04 Coating Application & Infrared Curing
2 Hours for Wheel Removal, Clean and Application of BC-06
3 Hours for Interior Detail & Leather Conditioning

If you would like to enquire about any of the services mentioned above, contact Project Detail by sending us an email or clicking here.

More information on the range of Modesta coatings can be found here.

More details on our services can be found here.

Bentley Continental GT in Dark Sapphire

Presence, Luxury & Power

Imposing yet elegant, a Bentley always makes a statement.

One of Project Detail's favourite vehicles to date was this 2006 Bentley Continental GT. The paintwork was a deep shade, Dark Sapphire and the interior was a unique scheme between the leather swatches, Saffron Brown and Nautic Blue for a two tone finish. The car was finished in Modesta BC-05 Advanced Water Repellant Glass Coating.

Bentley Continental GT's always have a special presence about them, their size, the long curved panels, the overly powerful but understated engine and the sheer luxury that's expected of the brand. 

The owner had been overseas and the car bad been neglected for a long period of time, rather than use his mobile car detailer he entrusted his Bentley to Project Detail and made the trip from Mosman to our workshop in Gladesville. He was particularly interested Modesta's range of glass coatings as he had encountered them travelling abroad.

Rejuvenating a tired Bentley.

The car had clearly been not washed or detailed for a while. There was contamination and tree sap all over the paintwork.

Because of the sheer size of the Bentley Continental GT, both the interior and exterior required some time in order to gently clean and restore.

The interior was worn and showing the typical signs of body oils and grime, luckily the nappa leather in a Bentley is excellent quality and that allows for the deepest cleaning before rejuvenating.

The exterior had swirl marks, was slightly oxidised paintwork and light marring. What was shocking, there were clearly some panels showing signs of it being repainted; paint runs and areas that required de-nibbing.

Interior & Leather Treatment

Leather was dirty, we cleaned gently and conditioned the leather afterwards.

Using a combination of steam, gentle leather cleaners and the right brushes we slowly worked our way through the leather. We were able to get some good photos illustrating the before and after and showcasing what can be expected. It's important to highlight that when cleaning leather, the better quality of the materials the more likely it can be cleaned and restored back to original condition.

After cleaning, the leather was treated with Swissvax Elephant Fat (synthetic) treatment and then topped with Swissvax Leather Milk. The resulting leather was supple and felt very luxurious.

Exterior & Paint Correction

Due to the age of the Bentley, the paintwork required an extensive amount of polishing and paint correction. We used a combination of Rupes polishers combined with Modesta C-02 Compound which works well on European paintwork, cutting away the paint defects effectively while leaving a relatively high level of gloss compared to other cutting compounds.

These photos showcase the before and after shots during the paint correction process. While these swirl marks may be negligible to some detailers, in order to obtain the highest finish no compromise is taken.

Finishing Polish, priming & Coating

The Dark Sapphire really had an intense glow and looked almost liquid after the paint correction process. We finished the polishing with an application of Modesta P-01A. This finishing polish also contains a special alkyd resin which serves a dual purpose making the Modesta system truly unique.

The alkyd resin takes a few hours to cure and set. Once cured, it allows a better surface for the soon to come coating to bond. This ensures a stronger and longer lasting coating. Secondly, this resin coating (which is measurable between 5-7µm in itself per layer) gives a tactile surface to allow simply for better application. Because Modesta's range of coatings are incredibly thick in comparison to other coating systems, wiping can be difficult in certain temperatures or environments. The P-01A forms a barrier allowing the coating to be removed safer without marring the paintwork.

Finished results

Bentley Continental GT coated with P-01A & BC-05 leaving a deep, liquid looking finish.

The finished Bentley definitely attracted attention, it was a shame we couldn't finish the wheels as the owner was sending all 4 away to be refurbished. But as for the interior and exterior, 9 year old car was refreshed for the owner.

Our detailing includes all parts of the vehicle, being a Bentley there are many details parts.

Not cleaning the W12 Twin Turbo Engine would be a shame.

With Modesta BC-05 applied, the Bentley's paintwork naturally has candy like gloss, furthermore it will be much easier for the owner to maintain and wash. Here are some more photos show cashing the finished results.

Total Time Taken: 40 Hours
2 Hours for 21-stage wash and decontamination
26 Hours for 2 stage paint correction
8 Hours for Modesta BC-05 Coating Application & Infrared Curing
4 Hours for Interior Detail & Leather Conditioning

If you would like to consider Modesta glass coatings for your vehicle, contact Project Detail today for an obligation free meeting to discuss your requirements. You can also contact us by clicking here.

Mercedes AMG W205 C63S Coupe in Obsidian Black

Power & Precision has a New Look

2016 Mercedes AMG C63S Coupe coated with Modesta BC-03 Pure Glass Coating.

The wait in Sydney for the new AMG coupe's is finally over. With the first allotments finally trickling in, Project Detail has had the opportunity to detail and protect one of the first arrivals in beautiful Obsidian Black with Modesta BC-03 Pure Glass Coating.

The owner having previously had Opti-Coat Pro and Ceramic Pro coatings applied by Richard to their past vehicles was keen to try something new for their new AMG.

 The new Coupe's boast not only a more aggressive look versus the sedan but after speaking to a few clients, we found out there were quite a few changes. Differential setup, exhaust, wider stance and more aggressive flares in the guards to name a few. 

Rectifying Pre-Deliveries Defects & Polishing

Strict preparation & paint correction is needed before coating for the optimum results.

One of the major issues that any decent detailer must face is the prospect of a new car being covered in defects. Educating the client as to why their brand new vehicle requires paint correction can be daunting but it is worthwhile for not only the results but earning the clients trust that you have their best interests at heart.

Modesta P-01A Primer & Polish.

P-01A cures for 3 hours before coating.

This Obsidian Black AMG Coupe was no different. Arriving straight from the dealership, we inspected the vehicle after our 21 Stage Wash & Decontamination to make note of all the various swirl marks, light scratches and random isolated deeper scratches across the paintwork. interestingly, we found the the rear and front bar's in plastic were the worst and as usual the bonnet and drivers door's were trouble areas also.

After P-01A, the gloss and depth is pushed to it's limits before coating with BC-03.

The paintwork was corrected using a combination of Rupes Bigfoot System, Modesta's C-02 Polishing Compound and a variety of pad types. This combination allowed us to fully remove all the defects in the paintwork while leaving a haze and clear finish. Typically, the paint correction stage can take anywhere from 4 hours to a whole entire day to complete depending on a variety of factors such as colour, hardness of paint, how severe the defects are and also the equipment used and the skill of the operator. Project Detail's specialised detailing studio has 3 vehicle hoists which allow us not only better access to the vehicle, it actually speeds up the process when polishing the lower portions and the bumpers.

Once the defects have been removed to our satisfaction, we finish the vehicle with Modesta's Primer & Polish P-01A. This finishing polish is totally unique to Modesta, the gloss and finish it provides is outstanding, the clarity and richness of the colour is always amazing. But what makes P-01A even better is the Alkyd Resin within the polish, this Resin forms a special coating which requires 3 hours to cure and harden on the vehicle.

This Resin coating is the foundation of Modesta's 'Plus Creation Technology' meaning that it can be layered to increase the overall thickness of the coating. P-01A has a measurably thickness of  up to 10μm. Once formed, the resin coating not only protects the paintwork during the difficult installation of Modesta's coating range but also the increases the bond and effectiveness of the coating to come. 

BC-03 Pure Glass Coating

All Modesta coatings must be cured by Infrared in order to reach maximum strength & potential.

Modesta is a unique coating and protection system in the fact is has over 6 different types of coatings. Many other brands hail a universal coating for all paint types but this approach isn't logical. With so many paint finishes, some vehicles being used as daily drivers and others for weekend use only, Modesta has a range of coatings designed to suit all these different applications.

Modesta BC-03 Pure Glass Coating is all but one in the Modesta Range of coatings.

BC-03 is a Pure Glass Coating that is Hydrophilic in nature. This means it is the polar opposite of the majority of the coatings on the market that are Hydrophobic by nature. With 'phobia' meaning a fear of and 'philic' meaning to love, Modesta's BC-03 Pure Glass Coating and BC-04 Nano Titanium Glass Coating provides a out of the box approach to the water spotting problems that plague many other coatings on the market. 

As the coating is cured with the Infrared lamp, the gloss really begins to show.

BC-03 & BC-04 are also unique as they are both applied under 'wet' conditions. Due to their hydrophilic nature, the application is done with a lot of water involved. This is very different to other coatings because getting most coatings wet during the application is a big problem causing hazing, seizing up the coating and early product failure.

By being Hydrophilic, the water naturally sheets off the surface of the vehicle. This means that while the water beads may not be as pronounced and as visually impressive as a hydrophobic coating, the flat panels such as roofs, bonnets and boots are more resistant to water spotting.

Further more, BC-03 Pure Glass Coating gives an immense gloss to the surface it's coated in, providing a wet and candy like gloss and when combined with P-01A the overall result is simply mind blowing. BC-03 has a measurable thickness of 2-3μm. This means that when combined together with P-01A, the overall thickness is between 10μm+

BC-06 Heat Resistant Hard Glass Coating 

Protecting the paintwork is only one part of the application process for this AMG. The wheels and brakes were removed and deep cleaned before having a spray application of BC-06. This highly durable coating is spray applied through a HVLP (high volume low pressure) gun, allowing for an even and smooth application.

Modesta BC-06 Heat Resistant coating for wheels, brakes and even body.

BC-06 also protected brake callipers keeping them bright and from discolouration. 

After - BC06 Rich, velvety and resistant.

After - BC06 Rich, velvety and resistant.

BC-06 was engineered to be resistant of temperatures up to 1,300 °C. This makes it not just the coating of choice but a necessity for performance brakes and wheels. During the application process, we coat not only the face of the wheel but also the barrel. This gives the car overall better cleaning ability, as well as better aesthetics. Gloss wheels pop while matte/satin finishes become very rich and velvety.

Like with all Modesta coatings, after application, curing with Infrared is a necessity. 

Candy Like Gloss & Pure Protection.

Swissvax for your Interior leather, fabric and plastics

Project Detail also provides the very best in leather, fabric and interior car with Swissvax.

Project Detail is also Sydney's only authorised Swissvax Detailer, combined with Modesta we aim to provide your car with the very best in global car care.

Swissvax Leather Glaze, Leather Milk and Lotos Fabric guard in effect.

Total Time Taken: 35 Hours
2 Hours for 21-stage wash and decontamination
21 Hours for 2 stage paint correction
10 Hours for Modesta BC-03 Coating Application & Infrared Curing
2 Hours for Interior Detail

If you would like your vehicle protected, detailed and restored consider Project Detail. We are based in Moorabbin, Melbourne and Gladesville, Sydney.

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