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BMW M4 Mineral Grey

Designed for Driving Pleasure

BMW M4 Coupe in Mineral Grey finished with Swissvax Blau-Weiss.

BMW's M Division has established itself amongst all the German tuning houses as a top contender when it comes to performance versus capabilities of their vehicles. Project Detail Sydney has had the pleasure of working on a few BMW M Division vehicles, but one that we want to share is this gorgeous M4 Coupe in Mineral Grey.

The owner was unsure of how long the vehicle would be kept but definitely felt that the car looked tired and needed a luxurious way to reviving the finish. One of the major issues with the vehicle, due to city parking the  car was covered in a lot of overspray, industrial fall out and also mineral deposits. After consulting and looking at the various options, the owner opted for our Swissvax Detail

Swissvax - Handmade & Bespoke Car Care Products

Swissvax is one of the most prestigious car care brands globally, Project Detail is Sydney's only authorised detailer for Swissvax. This provides us with the knowledge of the product and we also have on hand the majority of the range in order to provide a comprehensive service for our Swissvax Detail.

The BMW M4's powerhouse. Entirely detailed with Swissvax products for rich and luxurious finish.

The vehicle underwent our 21-Stage Wash & Decontamination, we replaced all products with Swissvax equivalents such as:

  • Swissvax Car Bath - Shampoo
  • Swissvax Forte - Wheel Cleaner
  • Swissvax Pneu - Tyre Dressing 
  • Swissvax Seal Feed - Trim and Rubber Restorer
  • Swissvax Leather Cleaner - Gentle Leather Cleaner
  • Swissvax Leather Milk - Luxurious Leather Conditioner
  • Swissvax range of Waxes

The BMW M4 responded really well, and after a single stage of Correction, the car was beginning to glow. The carbon fibre roof especially looked especially stunning as the defects and slight oxidisation were removed.

Blau-Weiss - A wax made for BMW Paintwork

Swissvax hand makes waxes designed for different paint finished. 

Carnauba Wax gives a warm and deep Gloss versus a glassy gloss from sealants.

Out of the 3 major German manufacturers, BMW utilises a proprietary clear finish on their modern vehicles called 'Ceramiclear,' this paintwork is notoriously difficult to work with due to its physical hardness. While it is very beneficial for the owner, when the paintwork does require polishing and paint correction, the process can take 30-40% longer then on a Mercedes Benz or an Audi.

The optional Carbon Fibre roof is restored back to 'new'

One of the downsides of having such a hard clear is that finish is simply not as glossy versus other types of paint. Swissvax Blau-Weiss is designed to bring out the best of the gloss while providing long term quality protection for the vehicle.

The benefits of a rich, quality carnauba wax is the warmth and the glow is very distinctive. Many people even with glass coatings prefer to finish with a carnauba wax in order to get the warm finish in their paintwork.

Total Time Taken: 10 hours
2 Hours for 21-Stage Wash and Decontamination
4 hours for Single Stage Paint Correction
2 Hours for Interior Detail
2 Hours for applying Blau-Weiss wax & Exterior Detail

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Aston Martin DB9

Black Tuxedo

Our Project Detail Melbourne Studio recently restored an iconic Aston Martin DB9, performing full paint correction and applying CS2 Ceramic Glass Coating to finish.

Our loyal client recently has purchased this car from a dealership and before it was delivered, unfortunately it was handed to their team of detailers and they did not do a very good job. 

Aston Martin DB9 Paint Correction and Application of CS2 Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Not excessively dirty but still requires cleaning.

A Quality Iron Remover in Action.

From a distance, it certainly looks great because it has been freshly waxed from the dealership. Wax temporarily hides imperfections, also wax gives a very warm carnauba finish. Especially on black cars. But however after it went through our 21-Stage Wash and Decontamination, the true finish of the car started to show. Swirl marks and holograms showed up. 

Swirl marks and minor scratches that can only be rectified with Paint Correction

For every car that comes into project detail, we use latest techniques and polish thoroughly using combinations of fluorescent, halogen, LED and sunlight to properly and safely remove imperfections on your paintwork because certain setting of lighting are able see certain imperfections. Using the combination of all, we are able to view the actual condition of the paintwork and take the right approach of polishers, pads, chemicals and technique. 

For this Aston Martin, it went though a combination of Stage 1 and Stage 2 Paint Correction. On some panels, the defects are bad while on some panels they only require a Stage 1 Paint Correction.

We took 15 Hours to complete the paint correction process to reach to the level where we are happy with it before starting the CS2 Ceramic Application.

Finished Results

Final Results are phenomenal, even every time we stand back and look at it, we are genuinely impressed by the results!

Total time taken: 20 Hours
2 Hours 21-Stage Wash and Decontamination
15 Hours on Paint Correction
3 Hours Application of CS2 Ceramic

More information about CS2 Ceramic and paint protection coatings can be found here.

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Jaguar XE R-Sport

British Refinement & Performance


Recently, our Project Detail studio in Melbourne finished working on a brilliant Jaguar XE R-Sport. Coming straight from the dealership to Project Detail, we were able to offer the customer top tier protection products that he would be satisfied with.

The Jaguar XE R-Sport under went a stage 1 paint correction and opted for our  CS2 Ceramic glass coating.

To majority of the people, or car owners would think a brand new car's paintwork would be in flawless, perfect condition. By rights it should be but unfortunately, the economics of the car dealerships mean that they are unable to spend the appropriate time or use better equipments and products to produce the finishes customers often demand.

This often means that the car you are dreaming of or have just purchased, goes through a 'pre-delivery' process which more often then not, leaves light swirl marks and scratches on the cars surface. This is due to wiping of dust, removal of the protective vinyl when it leaves the factory or even the poor quality last minute detail before you pick up the vehicle. In fact the boldest statement we make to owners of new cars, is we will make your car look better then when you picked it up.

Toby and the team went through our 21-Stage wash and decontamination, after putting the vehicle on our LED inspection lights, just as we expected the paintwork has very light swirl marks and marring.

Whilst very light, it does affect the finish especially on a new car.

The polishing itself took approximately 10 hours to complete. Using Rupes Bigfoot system combined with products like Scholl Concepts or Menzerna we painstakingly polish each panel to remove these light defects. 

Because of the permanent nature of the glass coatings we apply, any defects that are not removed prior to application will remain under the coating. Only by using abrasives and polishing off the coating at a later date would allow their removal.

Once the paintwork was polished to a level we were satisfied with, we can finally begin the coating process and finishing areas like the wheels (barrel and face) and any other area the customer has requested.

Further details on CS2 Ceramic can be found here. CS2 Ceramic is a fantastic product that allows the car to be encased in a layer of inorganic glass. This is vastly superior to waxes and synthetic sealants in terms of longevity and overall toughness versus the elements.

The lifespan of CS2 Ceramic is typically 4-5 years and with our lifetime warranty and our inspection policy means you have peace of mind that your car will be looking it's best for years to come.

The results of polishing the car before coating.

The results of polishing the car before coating.

The entire vehicle received our brand new protection package which includes
- Application of CS2 Ceramic on the paintwork
- Wheel and brake coating
- Exterior Windshield and Window Coating
- Interior Protection on the fabric, leather, dashboard and hard plastic

Final Results

Total 20 Hours
- 2 Hours on 21-Stage Wash and Decontamination
- 10 Hours on paintwork polishing to remove dealership instilled paint imperfections
- 4 Hours applying CS2 Ceramic. Wheels, and Windows
- 4 Hours deep cleaning and applying Interior Protection