Audi RS3 Sportsback in Glacier White

Audi's 5 Cylinder Madness

Audi RS3 Sportsback in Glacier White. Coated by Project Detail with Modesta BC-04 Nano Titanium Glass Coating. We have had the opportunity to maintain this for the owner.

Audi's decision to release the RS3 variant to Australia was well met by car fans in Australia, fitting nicely into the premium and and sitting atop performance hatchback category. The 5 Cylinder was a standout, with owners either keeping them stock or getting mind blowing (and ear piercing) performance with just a few select changes.

Project Detail has been chosen to protect a number of RS3's as an official installer for Modesta Liquid Glass Coatings including this example in Glacier White. The owner had previously had his older vehicles coated in other professional ceramic coatings including Silicon Carbide coatings which he was not happy with their long term performance overall.

Infrared Curing & the right procedures

Project Detail utilises the right equipment in order to provide the right results.

The RS3 underwent a full protection process; paint correction and an application of P01A, and then the BC-04 Coating. We also fully removed the wheels in order to deep clean and spray apply BC-06 Heat Resistant Coating for the wheels and brakes.

Each panel or wheel was then cured with infrared heating lamps in order to finish the curing process. Modesta requires infrared curing in order to achieve the full potential and hardness of the coating.

Even each individual wheel is infrared cured, this ensures that the BC-06 gives long lasting protection.

Ongoing maintenance is another important aspect that many other coating companies neglect. Any coating, even Modesta requires the right care. Just as if one were to purchase a Ferrari, the Ferrari would still require servicing and ongoing care. 

Project Detail can provide this ongoing maintenance for its clients but it also sells a the Maintenance range from Modesta which greatly aids in keeping and getting the most from your coating.

M4 Smoke is a wet applied conditioner designed for your Modesta coating. It preserves and prolongs the water behaviour on the surface of your vehicle.

Project Detail has been maintaining this particular Audi RS3 for over a year, the owner has been very impressed and the car has remained in great condition for a long period of time. Occasionally the car will require more intensive maintenance since it is a white coloured vehicle, areas such as tree sap, tar or iron fall out can be removed through the right detailing techniques preserving the coating underneath.

1 year later, the surface of the RS3 remains bright, glossy and still sheets and repels water.

Total Time Taken: 24 Hours
2 Hours for 21-stage wash and decontamination
7 Hours for 2 stage paint correction & P-01A
10 Hours for Modesta BC-04 Coating Application & Infrared Curing
2 Hours for Wheel Removal, Clean and Application of BC-06
3 Hours for Interior Detail & Leather Conditioning

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