Porsche 997 911 Carrera 4S

A German Icon Restored 

We seem to be biased towards Porsche car detailing at Project Detail, while that may or may not be true, it is undeniable that the 911 has been an icon for the Zuffenhausen Company. In fact, it has been argued that the shape has very much become a 'brand' in itself that represents the precision behind Porsches success. 

We spent over a week working on this Porsche 997 911 Carrera 4S. The new owner had commissioned us to restore the interior, wheels, engine and paintwork to the highest degree.

To illustrate just how much time we spent on this particular Porsche, we've decided to make this article a bit longer then than normal. Thank you and we absolutely appreciate your patience in reading and viewing about our work.
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The 997 911 Carrera 4S, glossy and finished outside our Studio in Gladesville, Sydney.

As with most Porsches, they strike an emotional chord with their owners that seem to see them adore and wanting their cars looking their absolute best. This particular 911 Carrera had been washed incorrectly in its lifetime which unfortunately meant the paintwork was extremely dull and was covered in medium to heavy swirl marks and other paint defects.

Like all the Porsches we have worked on, they require an incredible amount of time in order to polish all the curves and make sure the hard German paint is corrected properly in order to show the real colour of the car.

Washing, Decontamination & Drying

In order to begin the process of detailing any major project, we need to be able to assess the vehicle thoroughly in order to decide how to appropriately approach the car. Our 21-stage wash is already drastically different from most car washes or even some detailers. It includes the use of a citrus pre-wash soak, Iron Ferrous Remover, snow foam, multiple grit guard buckets and the luxury of hot water. 

Before - Wheel has moderate brake dust.

After - Iron Remover reacting to brake dust.

After the wash the vehicle is then decontaminated; Iron Fallout, Tar, Tree sap and other contamination is removed from the surface. This contamination cannot be removed during the wash process.

Project Detail Sydney & Melbourne uses a mixture of Microfibre drying towels, Waffle weave towels and air blowers to dry the car after the wash. This way, no water is still present during inspection and especially during the paint correction phase.

Only once the vehicle is washed, decontaminated and dried properly we can begin assessment of the vehicle. This way none of the dirt, dust or contamination can affect the appearance of the paintwork. The inspection is done under a mixture of LED, fluorescent and halogen lights in order for us to see all the scratches, swirl marks and paint defects and make notes regarding the car as we progress.

Original Paintwork - Before Paint Correction

The photo's in the gallery illustrate the poor nature of the paint beforehand. Heavy Swirl marks were consistent and present all over the paintwork. The paintwork itself was dull and lacked clarity and depth.

In order the rectify these issues, we needed to proceed with intensive paint correction to remove all the defects and bring gloss back to the car.

Two Stage Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the technical term Project Detail uses to describe the machine buffing and polishing process. Paint Correction is a time consuming task which often means it can can day and sometimes weeks to achieve the perfect finish. To find out more about Paint Correction, click here.

50/50 shot - Passenger side door. The left side original & the right side is after paint correction.

50/50 shot - Passenger side door. The left side original & the right side is after paint correction.

This polishing process involves using a series of machines which slowly polishes the surface using abrasives which flatten the surface until the defects disappear overtime. From the photos, the depth and metallic flakes really begin to stand out.

The metallic flakes and colour can clearly be seen in the paintwork.

Before - Drivers side Rear Quarter

Passenger side after correction begins to show mirror reflections.

After - Drivers side Rear Quarter

Paint Correction begins with a more aggressive product called a compound, these contains abrasive materials which allow us to remove the swirl marks and scratches. This process can take hours depending on the severity of the defects and also the hardness of the paintwork. For example, most German cars using extremely hard paintwork versus the soft spongy paint from Japan.

Because Project Detail specialises in the correction of high end vehicles, we have access to a variety of tools which allows us to work in finer areas which would be out of reach normally. Our Rupes TA-50 is a team favourite, allowing us to polishing the smallest areas with ease.

Smaller & Finer areas are no problem at all.

Rupes TA-50 polishing the smallest areas.

Using the right tools for the job.

Swirls & scratches removed.

After the first stage of compounding, the paint correction continues to move towards refining the paintwork with finer polishes with more delicate abrasives. These allow the paintwork to begin to take its glossy finish. The fine polishes also allow any haziness or dullness from the first stage to be removed.

After Paint Correction

After many hours of paint correction, the car begins to resemble the finished product. The paintwork becomes extremely glossy reflecting the surrounding objects in our workshop. Only by spending the appropriate time in can you avoid costly mistakes such as buffing marks or holograms. You can find out more about the perils of cheap and quick buffing

The Porsche is then washed a second time to remove compound dust and debris that naturally collects during the paint correction process. This also gives the chance to clean rubber seals, remove masking tape and prepare the car for the application of the glass coating.

The defects and the swirl marks are now permanently removed. They will only return in the form of new scratches but with the right protection coating and care the car can stay looking great for a long time.

Finished - After Glass Coating Paint Protection

The vehicle then undergoes one of the final procedures. CS2 Titanium is a top tier, 2 part glass coating which gives great physical resistance, superior water beading and an intense gloss to the car's it's applied to. The curing time varies depending on the weather but normally we allow 7-8 over night to let the product become ready.

Finished - CS2 Titanium Glass Coating

Finished - CS2 Titanium Glass Coating

The final elements of the detail are finished at this stage including, any wheel detailing or coating, exhaust polishing etc. This Porsche also had it's interior detailed and also the wheels removed and coated giving it the long term protection it needs.

We hope that this longer article shows some of the work that goes into preparing the detailing these beautiful vehicles. Project Detail strives to deliver the best results for their owners. 

This Porsche 997 911 Carrera 4S looked remarkable when it was finished. The owner was stunned at the level of gloss that we could achieve and the paintwork looked completely different to when we began.

We have the pleasure of regularly maintaining this vehicle for the owner. This means that we can check on the coating's condition as well as dealing with any swirl marks or scratches that may develop in between visits. 

CS2 Titanium Glass Coating -  Notice the intense water beading during a regular wash service.

Total time 70 hours - 
60 hours Paint Correction
6 Hours for Interior detail and leather treatment, soft top care and wheel polishing
4 Hours Applying Coating

Porsche 911 991 GT3RS

3 Stage Paint Correction, Full Wrap PPF & Coating Extras.

Focussing on high end car detailing in Sydney, Project Detail has a specialised workshop located in Gladesville that is secure and insured to look after your vehicle. We are open 7 days, have access to hot water washing and vehicle hoists to provide a different level of service that your car deserves.

We were fortunate enough to be able to work on this 2015/16 Porsche 911 991 GT3 RS. This vehicle is extremely rare, being only 1 of 20 coming to the country. Even before arrival, it was touted that the value of the car had appreciated over $200,000 already.  Such is the value and sentiment behind these vehicles that the level of service has to be customised to provide results for a long period of time for the owner. All the numbers and statistics behind this vehicle are mind blowing, the rear wheels are a whopping 21" in diameter and are 325's wide and supported with carbon ceramic brakes with massive brakes. The majority of the body is constructed in the most beautiful carbon fibre (visible when opening the boot,) the roof is magnesium construction and the rear windows are made from perspex all in the name of saving weight and improving lap times.

2016 Porsche 911 991 GT3 RS

The owner intended to track this vehicle regularly and asked us what the best results would be for protecting the vehicle. In this instance, we suggested a full body wrap in PPF (Paint Protection Film) in order to provide strong resistance against stone chips striking the vehicle at high speeds and and physical abrasions that may occur with rubber etc around a track. Even with city driving, the vehicle is well protected against stray trolleys and doors opening. 

Our PPF techniques are unlike other companies which rely on computer templates to pre-cut the vinyl film according the car's shape. While the pre-cut templates are great for the applicator but this results in several disadvantages; the edges are visible first and foremost, this makes for a less aesthetically pleasing result. The edges will then catch dirt overtime and ruining the appearance in the future. Finally, depending on usage and application, these edges make is susceptible to the edges lifting over time, again ruining the appearance. 

We have the ability to completely freehand and cut the vinyl customising the design for each vehicle. This means a closer cut, making most of the edges invisible and allowing us to tuck the edge of the vinyl under the edge of the panel. Also, this prevents scratches and chips occurring right on the edges of panels, allowing a better level of protection. Project Detail provides a wide range of PPF options, from partial kits, front end only kits or full wraps using only the best brands available in paint protection film.

The remaining components of the vehicle were protected using a variety of coating options through Project Detail. The matte black wheels and brakes were coated in TAC System's Quartz Magic wheel and brake coating. This is a highly heat resistant coating which allows wheel's and brakes to stay glossier and allows them to be easier to clean. Quartz Magic makes gloss finished wheels even glossier and for matte finish wheels they provide a rich satin finish.

The interior was not neglected either, the carbon trim was protected with TAC System's Quartz Sparkle premier coating. This is an extremely glossy coating which provides long term protection for any surface. The windscreen's were also coated with CS2 ClearVue high performance windscreen coating, allowing rain and liquids to run off the windscreen. The owner was particularly concerned with vision when the car goes to the track, he found the rain can inhibit his vision.

The suede and leather was cleaned and treated with Swissvax leather car products. Being Sydney's approved Swissvax applicator, means we have access to the full range of products from this bespoke line of products, from waxes to suede and leather care.

The vehicle overall, only required a light machine polish in order to remove light swirls and hairline scratches from the dealership. This also made the paintwork as glossy as possible before being vinyl wrapped. This project took 6 days to complete in total to complete and we are extremely satisfied with the results.

If you own a unique vehicle or would like an extremely high level of care for your car, please feel free to drop by our specialised workshop or contact us by clicking here. 

Total Time 60 hours - 
50 hours Washing, Stage 1 Paint Correction & Paint Protection Film Application
5 hours Interior Detailing & Conditioning Leather and Suede
5 hours applying protection coatings to wheels, brakes, matte black components and interior carbon fibre components

Porsche 1986 930 (911 Turbo) Convertible

Timeless German Classic

Project Detail Sydney loves detailing classic sports cars, at the apex of that category are Porsches.

3 stage Correction & Coating

Porsches tend to be a polarising car. Most of the customers we speak to usually completely detest them or they actually own a Porsche. Having said this, one thing we definitely respect and some of us here completely love, is the Porsche owners passion and knowledge for their car.

Porsche 930 Turbo Cabriolet

Due to the age of the vehicles versus the amount of affection given to these vehicles, Porsches from 1997 and earlier tend to greatly benefit from extensive detailing due to most of these vehicles appreciating in value. We can proudly say that we have detailed a 1997 911 Carrera 993 in the past and after extensive paint correction on the original paint the owner confirmed it went up in price after having the car valued.

This timeless 1986 Porsche 930 came in looking like a classic. The paintwork was dull, lacked clarity and after inspection the paintwork had medium to heavy defects. Swirl marks, marring and deeper scratches were all present all over the body. 

50/50 - Heavy Defects on the bonnet

Reflection after 3 Stages of Correction

Swirlmarks & Scratches all over body.

After Correction & Coating - In Sunlight

Porsche - There is no Substitute

Project Detail took an entire week to work on this car, giving it a bespoke service tailored to the customer's expectations. Every aspect of the car was extensively  corrected and polished given the state of the paintwork. Project Detail has specialised tools in house that allows us to polish even the finest and smallest of areas. This gives the car an even but astounding result as no part of the car is unpolished.

The paintwork was coated with CS2 Black Series in order to provide a superior level of protection versus any other coating on the available. The customer was kind enough to spare no expense so we reserved and produced the best results for the client.

We love the feeling when we are also so impressed with a car that it gave us goosebumps. From the before photo's showing heavy swirls to taking photo's in the sunlight where the cars paintwork was mirror perfect, this was an memorable car for Project Detail.

Total time 72 hours - 
62 hours Paint Correction
6 Hours for Interior detail and leather treatment, soft top care and wheel polishing
4 Hours Applying Coating