Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo 2015 4C Launch Edition in Red

Italian Beauty Preserved

Project Detail Sydney was able to detail this beautiful Alfa Romeo 4C in red. The car was only picked up 6 months old coming in from Marrickville. The car was washed by the owners as careful as they could but using the wrong methods. After our 21 stage wash and decontamination, these defects stood out under our LED inspection lights. What was even more shocking, was signs of damage from improper buffing and polishing courtesy of the dealership where the customer purchase their car. 

Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition - Beauty at any angle

Extreme caution and expertise is required a vehicle comprising of mainly carbon fibre. The photo on the left shows 'burn' marks left from incorrectly buffing the door panels. While the photo on the right, show cases Project Detail's Stage 2 Paint Correction, with colour, richness and gloss returning to the paint.

Paint Defects & Buffing Damage

Paint Correction 50/50 Shot

Stage 2 Paint Correction & Protection

This Alfa Romeo 4C underwent Project Detail's Stage 2 Paint Correction to revise the paintwork. This had to be done painstakingly in order to avoid damaging the Carbon Fibre body of the vehicle. All the raw Carbon components of the vehicle were also polished. Once this correction was complete and we were happy with the vehicle, the paintwork was protected with two parts.

The entire body was coated with TAC System's Quartz Sparkle Glass Coating in order to provide a long term protection for the bodywork of the vehicle.

The front bar, front quarter panels and the bonnet were then protected with Suntek's Paint Protection Film. This provides a physical barrier to successfully protect against stone chips and other strong physical abrasions. Due to the complex design of the 4C's front bar, extra time was needed for a quality finish.

Total 40 hours -
20 hours Paint Correction & Further 20 hours applying Paint Protection FIlm