Mercedes AMG W205 C63S Coupe in Obsidian Black

Power & Precision has a New Look

2016 Mercedes AMG C63S Coupe coated with Modesta BC-03 Pure Glass Coating.

The wait in Sydney for the new AMG coupe's is finally over. With the first allotments finally trickling in, Project Detail has had the opportunity to detail and protect one of the first arrivals in beautiful Obsidian Black with Modesta BC-03 Pure Glass Coating.

The owner having previously had Opti-Coat Pro and Ceramic Pro coatings applied by Richard to their past vehicles was keen to try something new for their new AMG.

 The new Coupe's boast not only a more aggressive look versus the sedan but after speaking to a few clients, we found out there were quite a few changes. Differential setup, exhaust, wider stance and more aggressive flares in the guards to name a few. 

Rectifying Pre-Deliveries Defects & Polishing

Strict preparation & paint correction is needed before coating for the optimum results.

One of the major issues that any decent detailer must face is the prospect of a new car being covered in defects. Educating the client as to why their brand new vehicle requires paint correction can be daunting but it is worthwhile for not only the results but earning the clients trust that you have their best interests at heart.

Modesta P-01A Primer & Polish.

P-01A cures for 3 hours before coating.

This Obsidian Black AMG Coupe was no different. Arriving straight from the dealership, we inspected the vehicle after our 21 Stage Wash & Decontamination to make note of all the various swirl marks, light scratches and random isolated deeper scratches across the paintwork. interestingly, we found the the rear and front bar's in plastic were the worst and as usual the bonnet and drivers door's were trouble areas also.

After P-01A, the gloss and depth is pushed to it's limits before coating with BC-03.

The paintwork was corrected using a combination of Rupes Bigfoot System, Modesta's C-02 Polishing Compound and a variety of pad types. This combination allowed us to fully remove all the defects in the paintwork while leaving a haze and clear finish. Typically, the paint correction stage can take anywhere from 4 hours to a whole entire day to complete depending on a variety of factors such as colour, hardness of paint, how severe the defects are and also the equipment used and the skill of the operator. Project Detail's specialised detailing studio has 3 vehicle hoists which allow us not only better access to the vehicle, it actually speeds up the process when polishing the lower portions and the bumpers.

Once the defects have been removed to our satisfaction, we finish the vehicle with Modesta's Primer & Polish P-01A. This finishing polish is totally unique to Modesta, the gloss and finish it provides is outstanding, the clarity and richness of the colour is always amazing. But what makes P-01A even better is the Alkyd Resin within the polish, this Resin forms a special coating which requires 3 hours to cure and harden on the vehicle.

This Resin coating is the foundation of Modesta's 'Plus Creation Technology' meaning that it can be layered to increase the overall thickness of the coating. P-01A has a measurably thickness of  up to 10μm. Once formed, the resin coating not only protects the paintwork during the difficult installation of Modesta's coating range but also the increases the bond and effectiveness of the coating to come. 

BC-03 Pure Glass Coating

All Modesta coatings must be cured by Infrared in order to reach maximum strength & potential.

Modesta is a unique coating and protection system in the fact is has over 6 different types of coatings. Many other brands hail a universal coating for all paint types but this approach isn't logical. With so many paint finishes, some vehicles being used as daily drivers and others for weekend use only, Modesta has a range of coatings designed to suit all these different applications.

Modesta BC-03 Pure Glass Coating is all but one in the Modesta Range of coatings.

BC-03 is a Pure Glass Coating that is Hydrophilic in nature. This means it is the polar opposite of the majority of the coatings on the market that are Hydrophobic by nature. With 'phobia' meaning a fear of and 'philic' meaning to love, Modesta's BC-03 Pure Glass Coating and BC-04 Nano Titanium Glass Coating provides a out of the box approach to the water spotting problems that plague many other coatings on the market. 

As the coating is cured with the Infrared lamp, the gloss really begins to show.

BC-03 & BC-04 are also unique as they are both applied under 'wet' conditions. Due to their hydrophilic nature, the application is done with a lot of water involved. This is very different to other coatings because getting most coatings wet during the application is a big problem causing hazing, seizing up the coating and early product failure.

By being Hydrophilic, the water naturally sheets off the surface of the vehicle. This means that while the water beads may not be as pronounced and as visually impressive as a hydrophobic coating, the flat panels such as roofs, bonnets and boots are more resistant to water spotting.

Further more, BC-03 Pure Glass Coating gives an immense gloss to the surface it's coated in, providing a wet and candy like gloss and when combined with P-01A the overall result is simply mind blowing. BC-03 has a measurable thickness of 2-3μm. This means that when combined together with P-01A, the overall thickness is between 10μm+

BC-06 Heat Resistant Hard Glass Coating 

Protecting the paintwork is only one part of the application process for this AMG. The wheels and brakes were removed and deep cleaned before having a spray application of BC-06. This highly durable coating is spray applied through a HVLP (high volume low pressure) gun, allowing for an even and smooth application.

Modesta BC-06 Heat Resistant coating for wheels, brakes and even body.

BC-06 also protected brake callipers keeping them bright and from discolouration. 

After - BC06 Rich, velvety and resistant.

After - BC06 Rich, velvety and resistant.

BC-06 was engineered to be resistant of temperatures up to 1,300 °C. This makes it not just the coating of choice but a necessity for performance brakes and wheels. During the application process, we coat not only the face of the wheel but also the barrel. This gives the car overall better cleaning ability, as well as better aesthetics. Gloss wheels pop while matte/satin finishes become very rich and velvety.

Like with all Modesta coatings, after application, curing with Infrared is a necessity. 

Candy Like Gloss & Pure Protection.

Swissvax for your Interior leather, fabric and plastics

Project Detail also provides the very best in leather, fabric and interior car with Swissvax.

Project Detail is also Sydney's only authorised Swissvax Detailer, combined with Modesta we aim to provide your car with the very best in global car care.

Swissvax Leather Glaze, Leather Milk and Lotos Fabric guard in effect.

Total Time Taken: 35 Hours
2 Hours for 21-stage wash and decontamination
21 Hours for 2 stage paint correction
10 Hours for Modesta BC-03 Coating Application & Infrared Curing
2 Hours for Interior Detail

If you would like your vehicle protected, detailed and restored consider Project Detail. We are based in Moorabbin, Melbourne and Gladesville, Sydney.

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