Porsche 1986 930 (911 Turbo) Convertible

Timeless German Classic

Project Detail Sydney loves detailing classic sports cars, at the apex of that category are Porsches.

3 stage Correction & Coating

Porsches tend to be a polarising car. Most of the customers we speak to usually completely detest them or they actually own a Porsche. Having said this, one thing we definitely respect and some of us here completely love, is the Porsche owners passion and knowledge for their car.

Porsche 930 Turbo Cabriolet

Due to the age of the vehicles versus the amount of affection given to these vehicles, Porsches from 1997 and earlier tend to greatly benefit from extensive detailing due to most of these vehicles appreciating in value. We can proudly say that we have detailed a 1997 911 Carrera 993 in the past and after extensive paint correction on the original paint the owner confirmed it went up in price after having the car valued.

This timeless 1986 Porsche 930 came in looking like a classic. The paintwork was dull, lacked clarity and after inspection the paintwork had medium to heavy defects. Swirl marks, marring and deeper scratches were all present all over the body. 

50/50 - Heavy Defects on the bonnet

Reflection after 3 Stages of Correction

Swirlmarks & Scratches all over body.

After Correction & Coating - In Sunlight

Porsche - There is no Substitute

Project Detail took an entire week to work on this car, giving it a bespoke service tailored to the customer's expectations. Every aspect of the car was extensively  corrected and polished given the state of the paintwork. Project Detail has specialised tools in house that allows us to polish even the finest and smallest of areas. This gives the car an even but astounding result as no part of the car is unpolished.

The paintwork was coated with CS2 Black Series in order to provide a superior level of protection versus any other coating on the available. The customer was kind enough to spare no expense so we reserved and produced the best results for the client.

We love the feeling when we are also so impressed with a car that it gave us goosebumps. From the before photo's showing heavy swirls to taking photo's in the sunlight where the cars paintwork was mirror perfect, this was an memorable car for Project Detail.

Total time 72 hours - 
62 hours Paint Correction
6 Hours for Interior detail and leather treatment, soft top care and wheel polishing
4 Hours Applying Coating