FUll wrap

Area in red shows where is covered on his Black Maserati Ghibli

Project Detail specialises in Stone Guard Clear Bra Paint Protection Film (PPF) in Sydney and offers a wide range of options. Our kits are computer designed and laser cut to provide the closest perfect fit from Xpel PPF or Suntek PPF.

The Stone Guard Paint PPF gives your car genuine protection against high speed impacts and physical abrasions. If the vinyl is damaged, it can be replaced at a much lower cost in contrast to respraying body panels that risks colour mismatches, overspray and other paint issues.

PPF is also useful for those with performance vehicles looking to take their car to the track. Eastern Creek and Wakefield are notorious for loose gravel which completely pepper vehicles paintwork. We can assist you in protecting your car.

Fully wrapping your car in Stone Guard PPF is the most comprehensive protection you can obtain for your vehicle. Every painted panel possible is covered with the vinyl giving the car an even finish which also protects the entire vehicle from falling debris, reversing, parked cars opening their doors etc.

Additionally, the 'Full Wrap' protects ever components of your vehicle from critical stone chips and high speed impacts of oncoming debris.

It is important to note that a Full Wrap can take a long time to achieve, the vehicle will need to be held at our workshop for up to 1 week in order to ensure the vinyl is applied in a quality fashion.

  • Project Detail also offers colour change vinyl wrapping; Carbon Fibre (gloss or matte), gloss, metallics or matte etc, click here to see our vinyl options.
  • If you are considering partial PPF options, we recommend combining if with our paint protection options found here.

If you require something more customised for your vehicle, please Contact Us .

Quick Tips

  • After application, there may be some light moisture or bubbles present on the film. These will evaporate 1-2 weeks after application.
    Check our PPF FAQ's for more.
  • Do not pressure wash Film within 3-4 Days of application.
  • With a soft microfibre towel, press down edges 1-2 days after picking up vehicle.

the process

All Exterior Painted Areas

Average Cost:
From $4,200 inc gst for Suntek
From $5,500 inc gst for Xpel

Average Time:
1 Full Week