Automotive & Commercial Tinting

Project Detail strives to provide it's exclusive clientele with a convenient and universal solution to customise their vehicles from their two Studios located in Sydney & Melbourne. We make sure all our technicians are trained to the highest degree and strive to provide as much in-house as possible for these services. Furthermore, we make sure we use the best specialised equipment and partner with the best brands in each industry that share our philosophy of perfection.

Our Window Tinting is no different, having tinted luxury vehicles and super cars, requires trust and the technical know-how to be able to ensure we provide tint that is scratch free, bubble free and a quality finish that lasts for years.

While there are many brands available such as 3M or SolarGard, Project Detail exclusively uses Johnson Window Films and Suntek Tint Films as they are highly regarded as the best films available on the market, with superior performance and clarity versus cheaper films manufactured by less reputable brands.

WHy Tint your car?

Window Tinting is one of the essential aftermarket upgrades we recommend for your vehicle. Most clients choose to get their vehicle tinted at the same time as applying their paint protection ceramic quartz coatings. Click here to see our paint protection.

Window Tint comes in a variety of film types varying in performance but also different shades dictating how dark the window tint can be. Overall the major benefits of having window tint include:

  • Reduce harmful and potentially skin cancer causing UV Rays often by 99%
  • Reject Solar Heat anywhere from 25% to 75% depending on the tint film installed
  • Improve overall aesthetics and look of vehicle
  • Increase privacy when driving
  • Increase security by obscuring vision or opting for security films for smash proof glass

Choosing the Right Tint for your car

It is important to be informed and know what kind of results you expect from your tint. Pricing is of course an important factor, but beyond that there are a few other important considerations when choosing the right tint for your car. Please have a look at the following points for consideration:

  • Do you want to block and reject heat from the sun & how important is having a cooler car to you?
  • Would you like darker tint for privacy or aesthetic reasons?
  • Do you and your family want to be protected from Solar UV Rays?
  • Would you prefer lighter tint for better vision especially at night time?
  • Is security an issue & is having something smash proof important?
  • Taking into consideration the above points, how important is cost?

It is important to note that in NSW & VIC, the darkest legal limit for window tint is 35% VLT. VLT stands for Visible Light Transfer or more simply, how might light does it let in. If the tint is darker than this, road rules state that is becomes a hazard or safety concern. Project Detail can offer a variety of window tinting darknesses from 80% VLT which is very clear to 5% VLT which is pitch dark and blocks almost all vision.

Many vehicles particularly, luxury cars come with factory tinted windows. Johnson Window Film and Suntek Films closely match these colours but what is really interesting is that the factory tinted windows are around 20% which is already darker than the legal limit.

Project Detail has a variety of tinting solutions to suit any of the points above, depending which ones appeal to you we can help you find the right solution. Below we have some key information regarding some of the premium brands that we offer, the different packages and some different pricing information.

Different categories of Film

Within the different brands of window film are different categories of tinting film. These ranges not only dictate cost but also determines the performance of the film depending on the technology of their construction as the films are actually have multiple layers.

Carbon FIlms

Carbon Films is normally the introductory films and the most economical. Its primary advantages include truer and deeper black in appearance and resistant to fading. The drawback is that while it rejects heat, blocks UV rays and reduces glare it only does so at a mediocre level. Rejects more heat the darker the film's VLT %.

Metal Films

Metallic Films are an older technology that provide superior heat resistance to carbon films, which was harder to achieve a few years ago. They have a slight reflective appearance as a result. They have become less popular with the introduction of true ceramic films and the fact they interfere with GPS, radio and phone signals.

Ceramic Films

True ceramic films are a recent breakthrough. The major advantages to  ceramic film is their ability to reject more heat than metal films. In fact even a lighter ceramic film at 50% or 60% VLT can reject more heat than a Carbon Film at 20 or 30%. Ceramic films also are produced at a much superior quality so the clarity is often better than other film types.

Johnson Window Film

Mercedes E400 with Johnson Window Film InsulatIR at 35% VLT

The primary choice of window tint we choose to work with with Johnson Window Films. Johnson's is widely regarded as one of the best if not the best window film available, the clarity and results is far superior when compared side by side to other brands. Manufactured in Southern California, Johnson Window Films stands by their company motto 'the truth is in our films,' meaning their films and results literally speak for themselves.

It is important to remember that while considering tint for your car that Johnson Window Film is a premium choice, therefore the pricing is higher than many other brands and this must be taken into consideration. Some of the Johnson Range we offer include, click each link to visit Johnson's site for more information:


Suntek Window Film

VW Polo GTi with Suntek Carbon film at 20% VLT

Project Detail also offers a select range of quality films from Suntek, which is manufactured in Virgina, USA. Suntek also being an industry leader, produces a number of quality and cost effective films. These films are up to date with modern colours and shades that closely match factory tinted glass and provide fantastic heat resistance, UV protection, privacy and fantastic looks.

Compared to Johnson Window Film, Suntek provides a more cost effective option while still being a fantastic quality film. If you more inclined to be budget conscious, consider the following range of films:

Packages & Pricing 

Typically a full tint service takes around 3 hours to complete but this timing may vary depending on the type of car and also the complexity of the seals and door trims etc.

Suntek Films - Carbon Range

  • 2 Windows (front windows) - $240
  • Full Tint (coupe, all windows) - $300
  • Full Tint (sedan, all windows) - $425

Suntek Films - Carbon XP Range

  • 2 Windows (front windows) - $325
  • Full Tint (coupe, all windows) - $475
  • Full Tint (sedan, all windows) - $565

Johnson Window Film - InsulatIR Range

  • 2 Windows (front windows) - $415
  • Full Tint (coupe, all windows) - $650
  • Full Tint (sedan, all windows) - $880

*Important note - All prices Inc GST &  All vehicles are different and subject to different pricing.

Important Notes

The films and services above represent the most popular and common options. If you would like a more tailored approach for your car, please contact Project Detail here and allow us to walk you through the process. Average costs and times are generalised from our experiences, depending on the make and model or the kit desired it, time's may vary.

It is important to note that the quality of Johnson Window Film is vastly superior to Suntek and any other film on the market hence why the price is a lot higher. The optical clarity is extremely clear with little distortion compared to other films.

All of our tinting work is covered by Project Detail's lifetime warranty.  Any tinting we undertake, if the film bubbles, discolours, edges lift or any installation faults, we will rectify at no charge. However, because of this policy Project Detail is very firm with its pricing policy in order to provide the best service with a transparent warranty.