PPF Stoneguard Suntek Xpel Sydney

Paint Protection Film (PPF) for Stone Chip Protection

Porsche Cayman GTS MY16 in solid black fully wrapped in PPF by Project Detail.

One of the services Project Detail Sydney provides is the application of Paint Protection Film (PPF) for luxury and exotic vehicles. PPF has become in high demand as car owners are demanding better levels of protection for their vehicles.

This Porsche Cayman GTS came into Project Detail for re-application of PPF which was installed incorrectly by another company. The client was very fussy especially since it was a solid black car with satin black wheels so the looks of the vehicle was very important.

Typically PPF can be applied in two methods; Bulk Fitment which is custom cutting the film for each car or using Pre-Cut Templates which are designed by various companies which are designed for each individual car.

Project Detail offers both forms but we make sure clients understand the advantages or disadvantages of both techniques of installation.

The previous PPF was installed poorly and incorrectly is painstakingly removed. Notice the yellowing on the previous film which leads to poor gloss and clarity.

The PPF previously installed on the car had several major issues. Permanent air bubbles due to poor installation, lifting seems and edges from poor finishing but also bad fitment due to inexperience. 

The major example of his was the rear quarter panels on the Porsche. The kit's Project Detail uses cover the entire rear quarter panel in one piece. The existing fitment was done in two. While for smaller areas like the front bar this may be less prominent the rear quarter panels on Porsche's are a primary area for the visual appeal of the design. There was a big seem running down the line of the quarter panel. This gathered dust and also looked very ugly detracting from the looks of the car.

The white line is the unnecessary seem running along the entire rear quarter panel.

The two white lines are extremely deep cut marks from cutting out the badges.

Re-application of Superior SUNTEK or XPEL PPF

Project Detail is trained and experienced in the installation of PPF for sports and exotic vehicles. These cars often have much more complicated shapes, curves and angles. Therefore having the right techniques, tools and experience is vital to fitting a kit to your car that does not detract from the appearance of the car.

From the slideshow above, the entire vehicle was re-wrapped after spending a day removing the previous yellowing and inferior quality PPF. The kit Project Detail used was tailor made for the Cayman GTS with cutouts in the film for the badges and areas to tuck and hide around the various edges for each individual vehicle.

Finished Product - Seem & Bubble Free

Please enjoy the following gallery showcasing the rewrapped the car, notice the PPF is bubble free and the photos would represent how the car would look once finished.

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