Swissvax Sydney Official Applicator

Project Detail is Sydney's only official and authorised Swissvax Applicator. We are excited with our relationship with one of the worlds most prestigious car care brands and feel we both share the same philosophy in simply wanting the best for our clients and their vehicles.

Porsche Cayenne after Swissvax Full Detail, finished with Swissvax Zuffenhausen wax.

Porsche Cayenne after Swissvax Full Detail, finished with Swissvax Zuffenhausen wax.

This Porsche Cayenne, is a regular client of ours from Bondi and wants the very best for their car. Our Swissvax Full Detail, is a comprehensive solution utilising as much of the Swissvax range as possible. For this Cayenne we utilised some of the following Swissvax products:

  • Swissvax Car Bath Shampoo
  • Swissvax Zuffenhausen Wax
  • Swissvax Leather Care Kit (then given to client as a complimentary gift)
  • Swissvax Leather Milk
  • Swissvax Protection for Vinyl and Trim
  • Swissvax Wheel Cleaner
  • Swissvax Pneu Tyre Dressing
  • Swissvax Autobahn Wheel Wax

Swissvax Zuffenhausen - Porsche Paint

Zuffenhausen gives a deep and rich gloss

The results simply speak for themselves, but using high quality products combined with good detailing technique, the final product has a big difference compared to regular waxes and products.

Swissvax Autobahn - A Teflon wax designed to rims.

Swissvax Autobahn - A Teflon wax designed to rims.

Swissvax produces a large but prestigious range of products designed to provide the best care for each components of the car. Project Detail Sydney is the only authorised official applicator trained and dedicated its usage.

Swissvax Scuderia - a bespoke wax handmade for softer Italian paintwork.

If you would like your car to undergo the Swissvax treatment, contact us here and organise an inspection and quote at our Gladesville, Sydney Studio.

Swissvax Sydney Applicator

Hand Made in Switzerland

Project Detail is now an official applicator for Swissvax in Sydney. We are proud to partner with the world's most prestigious car care product brand which has been manufacturing since 1930. We are grateful to be one of very few in Sydney to be an official applicator of Swissvax.

Zuffenhausen - Designed for Modern Porsche paintwork with 40% Carnauba volume.

Swissvax's dedication to innovation and quality is what attracted us to become an official applicator. We share the same core values and both our end results in a glossy perfect vehicle. Part of Swissvax's mainstay is their fantastic range of waxes. They have put timeless effort and research into designing combinations of waxes suitable for different makes of vehicles.

As detailers, we can vouch that each manufacturer's paint is very different, therefore to be able to provide a top tier wax tailored for the characteristics of each is very beneficial. Project Detail carries most of the following range:

  • Blau-Weiss - A wax designed for the incredibly hard Cermiclear finish on BMW's
  • Scuderia - A wax designed for the softer and bright finishes on Ferrari's and Alfa Romeo's
  • Zuffenhausen - A Special blended wax designed for newer Porsche Finishes.
  • Opaque - A thin and malleable wax designed uniquely for Matte and Satin Finishes.
  • Reflexus - A wax designed for the soft and gel-like finishes on Lexus
  • Crystal Rock - The Top Tier Wax, developed in conjunction with Paul Dalton 

These Waxes afford the car a deep lustre that cannot be matched by a glass coating or any kind of synthetic sealant. This is why in an age of glass coating technology, Swissvax is still highly regarded today.

Swissvax Crystal Rock - Audi R8

Swissvax - High Performance Car Care.

Swissvax - Caring for your Dream.

Scuderia - Softer Ferrari & Alfa Romeo's paintwork glow when finished in this wax.

Project Detail, uniquely uses Swissvax for a number of our services. Primarily, our Swissvax Detail service is a popular choice where not only is the full detail done on the vehicle, we utilise all Swissvax products; from the shampoo, the leather cleaner and conditioner and even the wheel cleaner.

We then finish the Swissvax detail with your choice of wax, with certain types costing a premium due to their longevity or performance.

Blau-Weiss - A truly unique wax designed for the proprietary Ceramiclear finish on BMW's

Just like when we polish your car, we take hours and days perfecting the end result, so too is each pot of Swissvax. Individual serial numbers verify the authenticity and each pot over 70 years later, is still hand poured with pride.

If you are located in Sydney, and would like the Swissvax experience for your vehicle, please contact us by clicking here and sending us a message today.