Why does my leather look shiny?

Shiny Leather? 

A lot of people ask Project Detail about their leather interiors for their car. One of the primary factors that surprises people is the fact that their leather should not be glossy. New or clean leather by default is actually matte in appearance and does not have the slick or glossy look that many car owners are familiar with.

Notice the sheen and slickness of the 'dirty' part of the leather armrest.

As leather is a natural material, it can accumulate dirt and oil just like our own skin. This means that over time, enough greasy hamburgers or simple sweat can fill the pores in the leather turning it slick and eventually a glossy finish. This is not how the leather should look. 

There is a big difference between the left and right of this seat.

The sheen reflecting from the dirty half is very different to the half that's been detailed.

Once the leather is properly cleaned, the leather will dry and return to a natural matte state. However, excessive cleaning and using methods that may be too aggressive can dry out the leather turning it hard and exacerbating cracking in the leather.

Therefore, it is important to condition your leather after cleaning in order to moisturise and prevent cracking and discolouration.

If you have any questions on how to look after your leather or how Project Detail can help, please contact us here.