Paint Protection Sydney 2

Paint Protection Options in Sydney Part 2

Hundreds of cars are sold and delivered across Sydney on a weekly basis. During this process, prospective buyers and recipients of their new cars often are presented with some dilemmas and questions:

"Do I get Paint Protection for the car? And if I do, where do I find it? Should I consider the Dealerships Protection Packages? There are so many options, where do I find the right options?"

In Part one, we covered what the primary products offered by dealerships include. We also briefly introduced what 'Coatings' were and their advantages and disadvantages.

Two Porsche Cayman GT4's in Guards Red and Carerra White Metallic, both wrapped in PPF, coated and protected in Modesta Glass Coating by Project Detail in Gladesville, Sydney. 

Part Two of our Blog Series about Paint Protection options in Sydney continues here. If you haven't read Part 1 - Click Here to read more.

In the last article, we started discussing 'coatings' and how they were very important when considering the right type of paint protection for your car. In Sydney, there are many brands and options available such as Opticoat Pro, Ceramic Pro, CQuartz Finest and Gtechniq to name some quality brands which will provide excellent protection for your car.

In addition to those brands, Project Detail is an authorised installer for Modesta Liquid Glass Coatings. What you will find about these coatings is that they typically are endorsed by quality detailers who strive for a quality finish especially when compared to dealerships and the protection brands they offer.

What makes Modesta standout, the paint protection coating is an entire system. Rather then a standalone coating, there are numerous options and products that provide a better solution.

Even amongst these coating brands there is a lot of misinformation to sift through as unfortunately many detailers can inflate the abilities or simply provide the wrong information for their prospective clients.  One of things detailers like to do is use buzzwords. The following is a lift of common keywords that are used when describing coatings so that you can easily understand.

  • Ceramic - A very common adjective regarding coatings. Ceramic is simply defined as an inorganic material. Carbon or silicon can be considered ceramics.
  • Quartz - Substance containing silica. Closely related to Glass.
  • Glass - Substance containing silica, much like quartz.
  • 9H - 9H is the hardest rating on a scale knowing as 'Pencil Hardness Scale' This is usually discussed regarding how scratch resistant a coating is.
  • Hydrophobic - 'Fear of Water' for coatings, this refers to the effect of repelling water and causing water beads to form.
  • Hydrophillic - 'Affinity for Water' for coatings this refers to the effect of sheeting water. Beads will still form but less pronounced than a hydrophobic surface.
  • Semi-Permanent -  Refers to coatings that last 1-2 years
  • Permanent - Refers to coatings that can last up to 5 years or beyond
  • PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene aka Teflon, the same material in non-stick pans
  • SiO2 - a key ingredient for some coating types, standing for Silicon Dioixide
  • Microns (µm) - Micron is one thousandth of a MM. A common measuring unit for paint and coating thicknesses.
  • Contact Angle - This Refers to how high the angle is for a bead of water on a surface. Typically the higher the angle the more hydrophobic the surface is.

Our goal in providing this simple list to help you understand some of the words used by detailers in order have a better understanding of the types of options available for your vehicle.

Modesta BC-05 Advanced Water Repellant Coating being applied to an AMG C63S. This coating is hydrophobic in nature but like all Modesta coatings is extremely potent and pure in quality. Look at the streak marks indicates how thick the coating is.

Two of the major keywords we will be focussing on today is 'Hydrophobic' and 'Hydrophillic.' We are Project Detail feel that even among detailers there is not enough knowledge between the differences between the two. This can lead to misinformed customers but also misses out on a potentially very important issue for customers.

Hydrophobic coatings have been the sole focus of the coating community for many years. With each brand talking highly how hydrophobic their coating makes the surface of a car and how intensely it repels water, how round the water bead is and boasting how high the contact angle is.

While Hydrophobicity is extremely important, in fact the Modesta BC-05 coating Project Detail uses is a hydrophobic coating, it is too often hailed as the only approach in protecting a car. This approach has several major fallacies. 

Firstly, a hydrophobic surface is actually compromised from the very beginning. In order to create a hydrophobic coating, manufacturers need to add solvents which create a hydrophobic surface these include xylene, fluorine or nitride. The combination they are added creates a hydrophobic surface. But this in turn compromises the durability and resistance abilities of the coating. Because the hydrophobic effect has been so greatly sought after, many detailers seek the best beading solution instead of looking for a coating that has a strong balance of protection and water beading.

By introducing a coating that is extremely hydrophobic, it is important to understand that the binding properties that make a coating last longer are diminished. We can safely say that most of these are designed as 'top coats' and not as standalone products.

Modesta BC-05 on a Ferrari 488 GTB in Bianco Avus. See the roundness of the water beads, this is a very high 'contact angle' water behaviour from a very hydrophobic coating.

Secondly, Hydrophobic coatings have a massive achilles heal that many brands and detailers do not counter act. Because a hydrophobic surface causes rain or other liquids to bead, when the car is driven the water literally rolls off or is pushed by the air rushing over the car. But many detailers and car owners don't consider what happens when the car is stationary.

If you are lucky, your car will be angular and the water will naturally run off the surface. But for the majority that own a car with flat surfaces, the beads of water simply sit there. They may look impressive but what actually happens is those drops of water dry and this leaves minerals that slowly etch into the surface of the car or the coating. This process is only worsened by the sun, if your car is covered in water and the sun comes out. The heat will aggressively speed up the process of water spotting etching into your coating causing failure.

Quality coating options like Modesta are designed to be extremely thick to resist the effects of water spotting their hydrophobic coatings like BC-05. In addition, Modesta has a range of dedicated maintenance products designed to remove contamination and water spotting issues such as Modesta M3 Fire Water Spot Remover and M5 Flame Contamination Remover.

A thick coating like Modesta requires infrared curing in order the accelerate the curing process but also the increases the strength of the chemical reaction making a longer lasting coating.

Thirdly, the focus on Hydrophobic coatings has distracted from the effectiveness of hydrophillic coatings. Modesta is one of the extremely few companies which has the knowledge to produce this type of coating. 

To find out more about about Hydrophillic Coatings read up about Modesta BC-04 on a BMW M5 by clicking here.

Hydrophillic coatings are designed to work extremely well in a wet environment. Rather than repelling the water in an aggressive manner, the water still beads off similarly to a hydrophobic surface but in addition the water also slowly sheets off the surface. This prevents and resists the water spotting issues highlighted in the previous points mentioned. In addition, the hydrophillic coatings do not contain the same additives as their hydrophobic counter parts and as a result are more scratch resistant and physically durable.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Grigio SIlverstone Metallic coated with Modesta BC-05 leaving a 'candy like gloss' and a surface that is extremely easy to clean.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Grigio SIlverstone Metallic coated with Modesta BC-05 leaving a 'candy like gloss' and a surface that is extremely easy to clean.

We have covered another important factor when it comes to coatings and the right paint protection choices for your car. Hydrophobic coatings are very important, they afford easier cleaning, glossier finishes and physical protection to your car. However, don't be fooled by the promise that the more hydrophobic coatings mean a better protection solution.

We have also introduced another element, hydrophillic coatings are now a viable solution for those concerned with water spotting and water etching marks long term.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of our series discussing paint protection for Sydney in the coming weeks. In the next post, we will compare thicknesses of coatings and other products and how that thickness impacts your car's condition long term.

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