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Paint Protection Options in Sydney Part 1

2017 Audi RS6 Avant in Daytona Grey, Protected and Coated with Modesta Glass Coatings by Project Detail in Gladesville, Sydney. Unbelievable Gloss combined with Unreal Protection.

Hundreds of cars are sold and delivered across Sydney on a weekly basis. During this process, prospective buyers and recipients of their new cars often are presented with some dilemmas and questions:

"Do I get Paint Protection for the car? And if I do, where do I find it? Should I consider the Dealerships Protection Packages? There are so many options, where do I find the right options?"

New car owners are bombarded by various paint protection options, we've decided to try and help by providing some information and dispelling some myths along the way. For the majority of people, the words paint protection or coatings is completely foreign. The dealership will be pushing their own products meanwhile many detailers across Sydney use a variety of products and each WILL be telling you their's in the best.

Modesta provides an entire system and a variety of coatings suited to different colours and different usages of the vehicle. This is compared to most brands which have a primary and universal product.

In order the understand the depth of the aftermarket protection industry, we have to first define 'paint protection' as not all products are the same. In Sydney today, approximately 80% of dealerships and probably more then half the 'detailers' are using what we call a 'Synthetic Sealant' as their form of paint protection. Find out more about Synthetic Sealants

These Synthetic Sealants will be labelled with keywords like 'PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene aka Teflon) or Polymer (resin compounds)' and these are very important in knowing the longevity of the product offered. Synthetic Sealants were originally designed to supersede Waxes. They have succeeded, however they will only last 6-12 months typically and depending on the use of the car.

"But the dealership or detailer gave me a lifetime warranty?"

It's very important to realise that the lifetime warranty does not in any shape or fashion correlate to the lifespan of the product. These are two very different categories. If the product does not last longer than 3-5 years, it will likely require reapplication annually. So potential buyers receiving this style of product should question the warranty and the product heavily.

The solution to the unrealistic lifespan of Synthetic Sealants has come in the form of 'Coatings' these comprise of different technologies; liquid glass, SiO2, Ceramic and Quartz. As a whole they are very similar but there are subtle differences between them especially between brands. Popular brands such as Ceramic Pro, Opti-Coat Pro or CQuartz Finest are fantastic and are superior in all forms versus the synthetic sealants being offered by dealerships and some detailers. There are a lot of lessor known coatings available as well. At Project Detail we use a product called Modesta, which is a liquid glass coating manufactured in Kagawa, Japan.

Modesta BC-04 Nano Titanium Glass Coating is applied in a wet environment. It's hydrophillic base makes it superior for water spotting and it leaves an intense glass-like gloss to the surface.

The primary advantages of receiving a coating for paint protection are:

  • Genuinely longer lifespan (years not months)
  • Better Water Behaviour Effects (makes the car's surface hydrophobic or hydrophillic)
  • Increased thickness due to chemistry makeup 
  • Better physical resistance and chemical resistance

Modesta requires infrared curing for maximum strength and longevity. It also greatly decreases the overall curing time, allowing the solvents to evaporate faster. 2016 Merc AMG C63S Edition 1.

While this sounds fantastic, there are key disadvantages to coatings as well:

  • A lot of misinformation regarding the specifications of some coatings
  • Application is more time consuming then Synthetic Sealants
  • Reapplication and fixing potential problems can be difficult or costly
  • Coatings are definitely more expensive when compared to Sealants
  • Gloss and Attributes for different coatings vary widely

So in order to decide which coating is the right choice for you, it's important to consider a few factors. Is cost a major issue for you? How important is performance and aesthetics? The results are a balance of these two questions. There are a variety of coatings available to suit all price points and budgets. Overall, just like the cars the general rule is 'you get what you pay for' if the detailer costs more or if a coating costs more then chances are the results will reflect that.

BC-05 is Modesta's hydrophobic glass coating. The surface becomes repellant to water and the water behaviour is exhibited through the round drops of 'water beading.'

Does your detailer use infrared curing lamps? Does their working environment or portfolio reflect what you are looking for? How long does the detailer require the vehicle for? These questions will allow you to also look into whom you should choose for protecting your vehicle.

Therefore, there are a lot of considerations when looking into coatings. This along warrants another blog post in Part 2 where we will cover a lot more aspects regarding coatings and the differences between brands, keywords and the results.

2016 Porsche Cayman GTS in Black, coated in Modesta BC-05 Water Repellant Liquid Glass Coating. After Paint Correction it looks simply stunning in the afternoon.

Please stay tuned for our Part 2 regarding paint protection for Sydney in the coming week. We will look to release more blog posts in order to help inform customers regarding protection of their vehicles.

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