Modesta Sydney BC-04 BMW M5

Modesta BC-04 Nano-Titanium Glass Coating 

Modesta's BC-04 -  A Hydrophilic & Inorganic Glass Coating containing Titanium Oxide.

Project Detail is one of two authorised installers in Sydney for Modesta Glass Coatings, an exclusive range of protection products designed to provide next level results and fantastic protection. By partnering with such bespoke & prestigious coating, Project Detail continues to seek to improve its range of services it can offer its clientele. Read more about our impressions during our training with Modesta here.

In order the bring the most out the lines and colour for the BMW M5, we decided that the colour 'Singapore Grey' would benefit most from Modesta's BC-04 Nano Titanium Coating. This coating is a truly unique coating as Project Detail found out. The paintwork was suffering from water spots and swirl marks which required paint correction in order to remove.

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BC-04 A lesson between Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic 

Modesta BC-04 is 'wet applied'

One of the key and most critical things about Modesta's BC-04 coating is that unlike the vast majority of glass coatings which exist on the market, it's classed as a hydrophilic coating. While every coating is boasting of its hydrophobicity, why choose a hydrophilic coating?

While hydrophobic coatings are definitely a major advantage and help repel water, the term 'phobic' refers to a fear, in this instance a fear of water. Meaning the more hydrophobic a surface is the higher the 'contact angle' because the beads of water sit extremely round and prominent.

Like all Modesta coatings, BC-04 requires curing with Infrared lamps for full potential.

What can be a downside for some vehicles depending on the colour, the angles of the panels and design of the vehicle, those round beads while extremely impressive visually can dry and leave water marks on the surface of the vehicle. A stationary vehicle would often have hundreds to thousands of beads of water sitting on the surface if parked outside. It would only take a few of the water beads to contain strong minerals or a chemical combined with sunshine to etch into the surface of the coating or clear coat of your car.

BC-04 overcomes this problem by being a hydrophilic coating. By 'loving the water' the surface sheets the water and any remaining water on the surface naturally runs off the car. While not as visually impressive as a highly hydrophobic coating, the longterm benefits for certain vehicles with large flat bonnets and in particular colours like Singapore Grey or Gunmetal like our BMW M5 will pay off versus the intensive water marks from a hydrophobic coating.

+ Plus Creation Technology

BC-04 accentuates the sharp lines of certain colours and allows for very contrasting gloss.

The BMW M5 had water spots removed and is now protected exclusively with Modesta.

While we cannot go over the exact installation method for BC-04, one of the things that will strike many detailers and clients alike is the fact BC-04 is 'wet' installed showcases the unique and avant-garde technology of Modesta.

BC-04 also contains Titanium Oxide in order to introduce a new level of hardness into the coating and when combined with inorganic pure and liquid glass produces a finish that is incredibly sharp in it's reflections and gloss, fully resistant to oxidisation and greatly increases scratch resistance.

Furthermore, BC-04 is resistant up to 900 °C meaning that under extreme usage or in hot environments the coating will not fade unlike many other SiO2 quartz based coatings.

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