Authorised Modesta Installers - Sydney

Modesta - The pinnacle of Coating Technology

Project Detail is proud to announce it's partnership with Modesta in Sydney, the world's most advanced paint protection ceramic coating and look forward to being one of  very few authorised installers in Australia.

We recently completed our training learning more about this exclusive and unique vehicle coating system, find out more about our experiences below.

Autohaus Hamilton's Porsche 'skunkworks' 964 Carrera RS4 receives Modesta BC-05 Coating.

Autohaus Hamilton's Porsche 'skunkworks' 964 Carrera RS4 receives Modesta BC-05 Coating.

+ Plus Creation Technology 

Modesta BC-04 is a one of the truly unique 'Hydrophilic' Glass Coatings Project Detail offers.

Project Detail has extensive experience utilising ceramic glass coatings from various manufacturers from Silica Carbide coatings, silicone Dioxide coatings to and many other types. Modesta was an opportunity for Project Detail to partner with the worlds most exclusive coating which provided us with the results we wanted to provide our clients.

During the course of our training with Modesta, we discovered that Modesta's results and technology are simply in a different paradigm. Rather than competing with other coatings for SiO2 percentages or boasting about the 9H hardness, Modesta's coatings simply put are applied and provide drastically different results versus any other coating system Project Detail has seen.

Quality & Results

Extraordinary work by Ride & Shine Detailing in the Netherlands on this Audi R8 V10 finished with Modesta Paul Dalton Private Label Coating.

One of the primary attributes is that like minded detailing businesses globally which emphasise quality over a quantity approach, use Modesta as their coating of choice. Inspired by this example, Project Detail made the critical decision to adopt the product in order to provide it's clients with the best results for their vehicles.

Modesta is used by the world's most experienced and skilled detailers, some examples of this include:

BMW F10 M5 in Singapore Grey M5 coated with Modesta BC-04 showcasing a sharp gloss.

Make your vehicle Exclusive 

If you would be interested in finding out more regarding Modesta and it's range of premium glass coatings for your vehicle be sure to visit the international Modesta web site by clicking here.

Project Detail will be releasing a series of articles outlining and providing more information on Modesta's range of products in coming weeks, be sure to keep an eye out!

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