Nardo Grey RS6 - Current Trend

Flat Colour Trend

RS6 Avant in Nardo Grey

Project Detail is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in detailing, automotive restoration and customisation. We wanted to write a quick article on what seemed to be a new trend at the moment, particularly for high end cars.

The Audi RS6 Avant belongs to one of our esteemed clients from Rose Bay, Sydney. We look after this vehicle on the regular basis at our Gladesville Studio.

Porsche's 997 GT3 RS showcasing Black Grey.

Porsche introduced the colour 'Black Grey' as an exclusive colour for the 911 997 GT3 RS. Ever since then it's became a steady favourite appearing after that in a series of Grey's for Audi's RS range and now even appearing for Ford RS and Hyundai Hatchbacks.

Grey tones as a final colour has been polarising for many of our clients as half completely love it's edgey and different style. They believe by having a flatter colour is naturally accents the other parts of the car, with the RS6 that is undeniable the grill and the headlights become more aggressive due to the colour.

However, many other clients argue that it's dull and it's very uninspired as it looks like primer and they have simply sprayed gloss over the top. Both points are valid, which is why manufacturers every year are striving to develop more complex paint choices and varieties to choose from.

If you would like to wrap your car to this colour or you would like to protect your existing grey paintwork, click here to contact us to see how Project Detail can help.