XPEL SUNTEK PPF Sydney Paint Protection Film

Project Detail Sydney is a professional studio located in Gladesville specialising in Protective, detailing and customisation services for high end automotive vehicles. We offer XPEL paint protection film (PPF) applications and also high end coatings in order the preserve the finish for our clients to enjoy their cars to the limit.

Two Porsche 991.1 GT3 RS fully wrapped in PPF and protected by Project Detail

One of our core services is Paint Protection Film (PPF) and we offer both Suntek and XPEL brands to our clients. Paint Protection Film is becoming a prominent an important part of equipping and protecting your vehicle once its been recently purchased.

Paint Protection Film typically is approximately 140-160 µm in thickness. To put this in contrast, this is approximately the same thickness as the paintwork on the cars surface. PPF excels at providing strong physical protection against the following:

  • Stone Chips and strong physical impacts - rocks, sticks or falling debris
  • Physical Abrasions - light physical scrapes, car park incidents and protection against keying
  • Chemical Resistance -  bird droppings, bat droppings or brake fluid etc
  • Oxidisation - the PPF will shield the paintwork against UV rays and fading over time

2016 Mercedes Benz C63S AMG Sedan undergoing XPEL PPF installation. This is a PRE-CUT Template professionally designed for the the complex front bumper. Notice the parking and driving sensors on the corner.

A close look at the pre-cut templates on the C63S AMG around the sensors. Improper fitment leads to oval shapes or bad fitment.

The fitment of the pre-cut templates is very good, however at times bulk fitment can allow the PPF closer to the edge.

There are two primary ways PPF can be installed both with their advantages and disadvantages. The first is with pre-cut templates, professionally designed and tailor made for each make and model of vehicle. These designs are complex and requirement proper training and techniques to fit properly. The disadvantage of these templates is that while great care is taken in designing the kits, the fitment can sometimes be less tight than a custom 'bulk fitment' this means that the kit must be further back from the edges compared to bulk fitment. The major advantage of these templates is that for complex designs on vehicles and areas like front bumpers, the application process does not require any blade work. This means a greatly decreased or zero percentage of damaging the clients cars.

2016 Lamborghini Huracan fully wrapped in XPEL Ultimate PPF. This car had no bulk fitment and the entire vehicle was wrapped in a pre-designed template which had excellent fitment.

The second method is bulk fitment, where depending on the panel Project Detail fits the section individually to a car. This method requires skilled blade work which allows us to fit the piece closer to the edges or design of the panel. This in some cases produces better results versus the templates or if a template design is not available for a rarer or unique vehicle. However, with plenty of warnings, this approach due to it using a blade does put the car at risk. It is important to consult with us beforehand if bulk fitment is required.

2016 Jaguar XJ LWB undergoing fitment of Suntek PPF for it's bonnet. Bulk fitment was preferred for the size of the bonnet. 

Once you have decided that you would like PPF applied to your vehicle, it is important to decide how much of your car you would like covered. Different components can be covered, from partial to full panels. This also includes the car, would you consider a full wrap or would you consider getting a full front or partial front.

The same Jaguar XJ utilises the pre-cut templates for its Front Bumper in order to get a tailored finish for its more complicated design.

For more information and detailed diagrams showing how this works, visit our PPF page linked here.

The cost of having PPF applied to your car is also listed on our PPF page but keep in mind in most cases the larger area we need to wrap and cover the more material is involved and the cost cost increases.

PPF is a definitely worthwhile option for your vehicle, especially if you are driving high end vehicles or vehicles your cherish and value. It will allows you to enjoy your car without detracting too much from the paintwork while ensuring its protection and survival.

To find out more about PPF and the process of applying it your vehicle, contact  Project Detail by clicking here.