Project Detail Melbourne Studio is now open

Porsche Macan S Paint Protection by Project Detail Melbourne

Porsche Macan S Paint Protection by Project Detail Melbourne

Our Melbourne Studio is now open!

Project Detail is now available in Melbourne for all your high-end detailing needs. Previously, I was running Grand Sport Detailing. During my time of running Grand Sport Detailing, I constantly investing time and effort into research and developing the best way to detail cars and we are happy to announce that we are bringing Project Detail in Melbourne to detail cars at a high standard.

It's been a fantastic experience becoming Project Detail Melbourne. Richard and I realised we both shared the same belief and emphasis on the customer, quality and a passion for detailing.
A little while later, we were working together!

Here are the most recent cars that we did in Melbourne's Studio:


Not only we offer premium car detailing services in Melbourne. We offer
- Pre-sale detail to increase your resale value of your vehicle
- Paint Correction to restore car’s paintwork that has been neglected for years, cars that lost their lustre “brand new feeling”
- Paint Protection (Exterior and interior) for brand new, used and showroom cars. Ranging from the traditional wax to the latest innovation in paint protection – nano permanent paint protection coatings that last for years.
- Stone Guard PPF (Paint Protection Film)
- Vinyl Wrapping

Our studio is located at 130 Keys Road, Moorabbin. Appointments and bookings are essential prior to getting your car detailed. Be sure to get in touch with us for your next detail.