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Major and exciting news for Project Detail in the new Financial Year of 2017! We have relocated to a brand new complex in the past few weeks and we are taking bookings fast.

Our new address is 88/14 Loyalty Road, North Rocks NSW 2151

We want to thank everyone of our loyal and important clientele in the past two years at our Buffalo Road, Gladesville location. While the workshop was fantastic, it didn't have the dedicated space to allow us to grow and move in the direction we envisioned and allow us to provide the high level service we strive for.

We hope that the new location will be able to service our customers across Sydney and NSW, its a fantastic and brand new complex. With on site security patrols and on site CCTV, it provides us an extra layer of safety especially for the level of cars we work on regularly.

If you have any questions regarding the new location or would like to organise a booking, be sure to click here to get in contact with us.

Paint Protection Sydney 2

Paint Protection Options in Sydney Part 2

Hundreds of cars are sold and delivered across Sydney on a weekly basis. During this process, prospective buyers and recipients of their new cars often are presented with some dilemmas and questions:

"Do I get Paint Protection for the car? And if I do, where do I find it? Should I consider the Dealerships Protection Packages? There are so many options, where do I find the right options?"

In Part one, we covered what the primary products offered by dealerships include. We also briefly introduced what 'Coatings' were and their advantages and disadvantages.

Two Porsche Cayman GT4's in Guards Red and Carerra White Metallic, both wrapped in PPF, coated and protected in Modesta Glass Coating by Project Detail in Gladesville, Sydney. 

Part Two of our Blog Series about Paint Protection options in Sydney continues here. If you haven't read Part 1 - Click Here to read more.

In the last article, we started discussing 'coatings' and how they were very important when considering the right type of paint protection for your car. In Sydney, there are many brands and options available such as Opticoat Pro, Ceramic Pro, CQuartz Finest and Gtechniq to name some quality brands which will provide excellent protection for your car.

In addition to those brands, Project Detail is an authorised installer for Modesta Liquid Glass Coatings. What you will find about these coatings is that they typically are endorsed by quality detailers who strive for a quality finish especially when compared to dealerships and the protection brands they offer.

What makes Modesta standout, the paint protection coating is an entire system. Rather then a standalone coating, there are numerous options and products that provide a better solution.

Even amongst these coating brands there is a lot of misinformation to sift through as unfortunately many detailers can inflate the abilities or simply provide the wrong information for their prospective clients.  One of things detailers like to do is use buzzwords. The following is a lift of common keywords that are used when describing coatings so that you can easily understand.

  • Ceramic - A very common adjective regarding coatings. Ceramic is simply defined as an inorganic material. Carbon or silicon can be considered ceramics.
  • Quartz - Substance containing silica. Closely related to Glass.
  • Glass - Substance containing silica, much like quartz.
  • 9H - 9H is the hardest rating on a scale knowing as 'Pencil Hardness Scale' This is usually discussed regarding how scratch resistant a coating is.
  • Hydrophobic - 'Fear of Water' for coatings, this refers to the effect of repelling water and causing water beads to form.
  • Hydrophillic - 'Affinity for Water' for coatings this refers to the effect of sheeting water. Beads will still form but less pronounced than a hydrophobic surface.
  • Semi-Permanent -  Refers to coatings that last 1-2 years
  • Permanent - Refers to coatings that can last up to 5 years or beyond
  • PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene aka Teflon, the same material in non-stick pans
  • SiO2 - a key ingredient for some coating types, standing for Silicon Dioixide
  • Microns (µm) - Micron is one thousandth of a MM. A common measuring unit for paint and coating thicknesses.
  • Contact Angle - This Refers to how high the angle is for a bead of water on a surface. Typically the higher the angle the more hydrophobic the surface is.

Our goal in providing this simple list to help you understand some of the words used by detailers in order have a better understanding of the types of options available for your vehicle.

Modesta BC-05 Advanced Water Repellant Coating being applied to an AMG C63S. This coating is hydrophobic in nature but like all Modesta coatings is extremely potent and pure in quality. Look at the streak marks indicates how thick the coating is.

Two of the major keywords we will be focussing on today is 'Hydrophobic' and 'Hydrophillic.' We are Project Detail feel that even among detailers there is not enough knowledge between the differences between the two. This can lead to misinformed customers but also misses out on a potentially very important issue for customers.

Hydrophobic coatings have been the sole focus of the coating community for many years. With each brand talking highly how hydrophobic their coating makes the surface of a car and how intensely it repels water, how round the water bead is and boasting how high the contact angle is.

While Hydrophobicity is extremely important, in fact the Modesta BC-05 coating Project Detail uses is a hydrophobic coating, it is too often hailed as the only approach in protecting a car. This approach has several major fallacies. 

Firstly, a hydrophobic surface is actually compromised from the very beginning. In order to create a hydrophobic coating, manufacturers need to add solvents which create a hydrophobic surface these include xylene, fluorine or nitride. The combination they are added creates a hydrophobic surface. But this in turn compromises the durability and resistance abilities of the coating. Because the hydrophobic effect has been so greatly sought after, many detailers seek the best beading solution instead of looking for a coating that has a strong balance of protection and water beading.

By introducing a coating that is extremely hydrophobic, it is important to understand that the binding properties that make a coating last longer are diminished. We can safely say that most of these are designed as 'top coats' and not as standalone products.

Modesta BC-05 on a Ferrari 488 GTB in Bianco Avus. See the roundness of the water beads, this is a very high 'contact angle' water behaviour from a very hydrophobic coating.

Secondly, Hydrophobic coatings have a massive achilles heal that many brands and detailers do not counter act. Because a hydrophobic surface causes rain or other liquids to bead, when the car is driven the water literally rolls off or is pushed by the air rushing over the car. But many detailers and car owners don't consider what happens when the car is stationary.

If you are lucky, your car will be angular and the water will naturally run off the surface. But for the majority that own a car with flat surfaces, the beads of water simply sit there. They may look impressive but what actually happens is those drops of water dry and this leaves minerals that slowly etch into the surface of the car or the coating. This process is only worsened by the sun, if your car is covered in water and the sun comes out. The heat will aggressively speed up the process of water spotting etching into your coating causing failure.

Quality coating options like Modesta are designed to be extremely thick to resist the effects of water spotting their hydrophobic coatings like BC-05. In addition, Modesta has a range of dedicated maintenance products designed to remove contamination and water spotting issues such as Modesta M3 Fire Water Spot Remover and M5 Flame Contamination Remover.

A thick coating like Modesta requires infrared curing in order the accelerate the curing process but also the increases the strength of the chemical reaction making a longer lasting coating.

Thirdly, the focus on Hydrophobic coatings has distracted from the effectiveness of hydrophillic coatings. Modesta is one of the extremely few companies which has the knowledge to produce this type of coating. 

To find out more about about Hydrophillic Coatings read up about Modesta BC-04 on a BMW M5 by clicking here.

Hydrophillic coatings are designed to work extremely well in a wet environment. Rather than repelling the water in an aggressive manner, the water still beads off similarly to a hydrophobic surface but in addition the water also slowly sheets off the surface. This prevents and resists the water spotting issues highlighted in the previous points mentioned. In addition, the hydrophillic coatings do not contain the same additives as their hydrophobic counter parts and as a result are more scratch resistant and physically durable.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Grigio SIlverstone Metallic coated with Modesta BC-05 leaving a 'candy like gloss' and a surface that is extremely easy to clean.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Grigio SIlverstone Metallic coated with Modesta BC-05 leaving a 'candy like gloss' and a surface that is extremely easy to clean.

We have covered another important factor when it comes to coatings and the right paint protection choices for your car. Hydrophobic coatings are very important, they afford easier cleaning, glossier finishes and physical protection to your car. However, don't be fooled by the promise that the more hydrophobic coatings mean a better protection solution.

We have also introduced another element, hydrophillic coatings are now a viable solution for those concerned with water spotting and water etching marks long term.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of our series discussing paint protection for Sydney in the coming weeks. In the next post, we will compare thicknesses of coatings and other products and how that thickness impacts your car's condition long term.

If you have any questions regarding paint protection or our services, please click here or contact us through our social media.

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PPF Stoneguard Suntek Xpel Sydney

Paint Protection Film (PPF) for Stone Chip Protection

Porsche Cayman GTS MY16 in solid black fully wrapped in PPF by Project Detail.

One of the services Project Detail Sydney provides is the application of Paint Protection Film (PPF) for luxury and exotic vehicles. PPF has become in high demand as car owners are demanding better levels of protection for their vehicles.

This Porsche Cayman GTS came into Project Detail for re-application of PPF which was installed incorrectly by another company. The client was very fussy especially since it was a solid black car with satin black wheels so the looks of the vehicle was very important.

Typically PPF can be applied in two methods; Bulk Fitment which is custom cutting the film for each car or using Pre-Cut Templates which are designed by various companies which are designed for each individual car.

Project Detail offers both forms but we make sure clients understand the advantages or disadvantages of both techniques of installation.

The previous PPF was installed poorly and incorrectly is painstakingly removed. Notice the yellowing on the previous film which leads to poor gloss and clarity.

The PPF previously installed on the car had several major issues. Permanent air bubbles due to poor installation, lifting seems and edges from poor finishing but also bad fitment due to inexperience. 

The major example of his was the rear quarter panels on the Porsche. The kit's Project Detail uses cover the entire rear quarter panel in one piece. The existing fitment was done in two. While for smaller areas like the front bar this may be less prominent the rear quarter panels on Porsche's are a primary area for the visual appeal of the design. There was a big seem running down the line of the quarter panel. This gathered dust and also looked very ugly detracting from the looks of the car.

The white line is the unnecessary seem running along the entire rear quarter panel.

The two white lines are extremely deep cut marks from cutting out the badges.

Re-application of Superior SUNTEK or XPEL PPF

Project Detail is trained and experienced in the installation of PPF for sports and exotic vehicles. These cars often have much more complicated shapes, curves and angles. Therefore having the right techniques, tools and experience is vital to fitting a kit to your car that does not detract from the appearance of the car.

From the slideshow above, the entire vehicle was re-wrapped after spending a day removing the previous yellowing and inferior quality PPF. The kit Project Detail used was tailor made for the Cayman GTS with cutouts in the film for the badges and areas to tuck and hide around the various edges for each individual vehicle.

Finished Product - Seem & Bubble Free

Please enjoy the following gallery showcasing the rewrapped the car, notice the PPF is bubble free and the photos would represent how the car would look once finished.

If you have any questions regarding your vehicle or would like the discuss paint protection film for your car, contact us by clicking here.

To find out more about our PPF packages or some common coverage options, check out our PPF page by clicking here.

Paint Protection Sydney

Paint Protection Options in Sydney Part 1

2017 Audi RS6 Avant in Daytona Grey, Protected and Coated with Modesta Glass Coatings by Project Detail in Gladesville, Sydney. Unbelievable Gloss combined with Unreal Protection.

Hundreds of cars are sold and delivered across Sydney on a weekly basis. During this process, prospective buyers and recipients of their new cars often are presented with some dilemmas and questions:

"Do I get Paint Protection for the car? And if I do, where do I find it? Should I consider the Dealerships Protection Packages? There are so many options, where do I find the right options?"

New car owners are bombarded by various paint protection options, we've decided to try and help by providing some information and dispelling some myths along the way. For the majority of people, the words paint protection or coatings is completely foreign. The dealership will be pushing their own products meanwhile many detailers across Sydney use a variety of products and each WILL be telling you their's in the best.

Modesta provides an entire system and a variety of coatings suited to different colours and different usages of the vehicle. This is compared to most brands which have a primary and universal product.

In order the understand the depth of the aftermarket protection industry, we have to first define 'paint protection' as not all products are the same. In Sydney today, approximately 80% of dealerships and probably more then half the 'detailers' are using what we call a 'Synthetic Sealant' as their form of paint protection. Find out more about Synthetic Sealants

These Synthetic Sealants will be labelled with keywords like 'PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene aka Teflon) or Polymer (resin compounds)' and these are very important in knowing the longevity of the product offered. Synthetic Sealants were originally designed to supersede Waxes. They have succeeded, however they will only last 6-12 months typically and depending on the use of the car.

"But the dealership or detailer gave me a lifetime warranty?"

It's very important to realise that the lifetime warranty does not in any shape or fashion correlate to the lifespan of the product. These are two very different categories. If the product does not last longer than 3-5 years, it will likely require reapplication annually. So potential buyers receiving this style of product should question the warranty and the product heavily.

The solution to the unrealistic lifespan of Synthetic Sealants has come in the form of 'Coatings' these comprise of different technologies; liquid glass, SiO2, Ceramic and Quartz. As a whole they are very similar but there are subtle differences between them especially between brands. Popular brands such as Ceramic Pro, Opti-Coat Pro or CQuartz Finest are fantastic and are superior in all forms versus the synthetic sealants being offered by dealerships and some detailers. There are a lot of lessor known coatings available as well. At Project Detail we use a product called Modesta, which is a liquid glass coating manufactured in Kagawa, Japan.

Modesta BC-04 Nano Titanium Glass Coating is applied in a wet environment. It's hydrophillic base makes it superior for water spotting and it leaves an intense glass-like gloss to the surface.

The primary advantages of receiving a coating for paint protection are:

  • Genuinely longer lifespan (years not months)
  • Better Water Behaviour Effects (makes the car's surface hydrophobic or hydrophillic)
  • Increased thickness due to chemistry makeup 
  • Better physical resistance and chemical resistance

Modesta requires infrared curing for maximum strength and longevity. It also greatly decreases the overall curing time, allowing the solvents to evaporate faster. 2016 Merc AMG C63S Edition 1.

While this sounds fantastic, there are key disadvantages to coatings as well:

  • A lot of misinformation regarding the specifications of some coatings
  • Application is more time consuming then Synthetic Sealants
  • Reapplication and fixing potential problems can be difficult or costly
  • Coatings are definitely more expensive when compared to Sealants
  • Gloss and Attributes for different coatings vary widely

So in order to decide which coating is the right choice for you, it's important to consider a few factors. Is cost a major issue for you? How important is performance and aesthetics? The results are a balance of these two questions. There are a variety of coatings available to suit all price points and budgets. Overall, just like the cars the general rule is 'you get what you pay for' if the detailer costs more or if a coating costs more then chances are the results will reflect that.

BC-05 is Modesta's hydrophobic glass coating. The surface becomes repellant to water and the water behaviour is exhibited through the round drops of 'water beading.'

Does your detailer use infrared curing lamps? Does their working environment or portfolio reflect what you are looking for? How long does the detailer require the vehicle for? These questions will allow you to also look into whom you should choose for protecting your vehicle.

Therefore, there are a lot of considerations when looking into coatings. This along warrants another blog post in Part 2 where we will cover a lot more aspects regarding coatings and the differences between brands, keywords and the results.

2016 Porsche Cayman GTS in Black, coated in Modesta BC-05 Water Repellant Liquid Glass Coating. After Paint Correction it looks simply stunning in the afternoon.

Please stay tuned for our Part 2 regarding paint protection for Sydney in the coming week. We will look to release more blog posts in order to help inform customers regarding protection of their vehicles.

If you have any questions regarding paint protection or our services, please click here or contact us through our social media.

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Decontamination: Clay Lubricant

Clay Lubricant in process

Clay Lubricant in process

What is a Clay Lubricant and Why Do I Need One?

Specialising in Car Detailing, Project Detail Melbourne and Sydney will be covering a series of articles focusing on decontamination and in this post, we will be discussing about Clay Lubricants and why they are crucial in for decontaminating your vehicle to achieve the best results. 

You could read our previous article on how to about clay bars by clicking here.

Clay bar is what we called a physical (or mechanical by some detailers) decontamination. There is chemical and physical. Chemical is used to dissolve and remove contaminations via chemicals such as iron fallout remover, tar remover etc. It is best suited for cars that are already has been applied with Ceramic Quartz Coatings or brand new cars that does not have much contaminants. Clay bar removes contaminants physically by adhering the contaminants into the clay bar while you glide it across the surface. 

Clay bar by itself is very sticky, it needs a lubricant to be able to glide across the surface, picking up all the contaminants in the paintwork. That is why a lubricant is crucial in physical decontamination, by using the wrong technique or clay lubricant can leave minor scratches and marring on the paintwork, especially on a softer paint. 

Amateurs often use soapy water from their buckets as clay lubricant. 

Amateurs often use soapy water from their buckets as clay lubricant. 


Soapy water, quick detailer and spray waxes are the most common "lubricant" car owners and amateur detailers use as a clay lube. While they might work fine, but those chemicals are not designed to use as a clay lube. Therefore the clay bar itself might not be performing as well as using a proper clay lubricant. Worst case, it might cause marring or even scratches that requires paint correction to properly remove them. 

Concours Purify - Clay Lube with Iron Remover 2-in-1 for effective decontamination

Concours Purify - Clay Lube with Iron Remover 2-in-1 for effective decontamination

Clay lubricant - The Correct way 

Using a dedicated clay lubricant is crucial when comes to clay barring your car. Without a proper lubricant, your car might risk getting marring or getting scratched. After a bucket wash and rinse, spray plenty of clay lube and start claying. Small sections at a time to avoid claying over a dry area. 

Some companies recently came up with a cutting edge clay lubrication by adding iron remover into their clay lube, it removes 20% to 40% more contaminants. 

We hope this article helped you gained more understanding on decontamination. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions in regards to car detailing by clicking here. 

Top 5 Myths of Car Detailing

Myth Busting Car Detailing

At Project Detail, we often hear people discuss about how they wash or detail their cars. We realised that there are quite a lot of myths, uncertainties and guesswork  surrounding in the topic of car detailing. Here at Project Detail Studio, we are going to discuss the Top 5 Myths of Car Detailing. 

Snow Foam Pre-Wash, as part of our 21-Stage Wash and Decontamination

Snow Foam Pre-Wash, as part of our 21-Stage Wash and Decontamination

Myth #1 - Car Wash and Car Detailing is the same


 Car Wash and Car Detailing are pretty much the same, just different names. Their job is to clean cars and make sure they are well cleaned. 


The services at a car wash cafes are completely different to what proper Detailers offer. For starters Car Detailing is a lot more than just a wash.

In fact, the car wash takes up less than 15% of what detailers do. When a car is washed by us, we follow up with a full vehicle decontamination that safely removes above-surface contamination that can't be removed by a simple 2-bucket method wash. Our sole goal, is to now only wash and clean the vehicle but do so in the most gentle manner to avoid swirls and defects from quick and improper washing.

We then follow up with an extensive paint polishing to remove below-surface contaminations such as blemishes, minor scratches, swirl marks etc to refine the paintwork to be close to brand new condition, or sometimes even better. After all those steps, we then apply a premium last step product (aka LSP) for short or long term protection. 

50/50 Before and after shot, achieved by Paint Correction

50/50 Before and after shot, achieved by Paint Correction

Myth #2 - Save money by hand polishing cars myself


It is not necessary to hire a detailer to polish cars when I can just buy some products and polish the cars myself. I could save myself some money. 


This myth used to be a fact back in the 70s where base-clear coat paint system hasn't been introduced and the paintwork back in the day are all single stage paint and paint oxidisation can be removed by polishing with hand. But in recent years, after base-clear coat paint system introduced, base-clear coat paint is way too hard and it is impossible to hand polish to a good result. Products you find on the shelf of auto stores are mainly glazes, waxes or sealants which contains fillers and resin that does not contain any abrasives to level the minor scratches and blemishes out. They simply 'fill' or 'mask' the imperfections so it looks good for a short period of time, but the effect is not permanent.

Paint Correction (aka cut and polish, buffing, polishing etc.) performed by professional detailers are permanent results that will not be washed away or come back after a week or two. 

The weekend warrior or car enthusiast might see the value of buying equipment themselves to polish their cars to save money. We respect the enthusiasm but however keep it mind the cost will be more than hiring a professional detailer and the results won't be as good compared to a professional detailer. Machine polishers, compounds, cloths, chemicals and miscellaneous products such as masking tape's cost will be about to $1500 to $2000. Not to mention you'll need to learn how to use them properly in order to achieve good results. 

BMW M5 + P-01A + BC-04 Coating, Curing with IR Lamps

BMW M5 + P-01A + BC-04 Coating, Curing with IR Lamps

Myth #3 - New cars doesn't need Paint Protection


Modern clear coats are design to resist UV and it can protect itself, especially modern hard clear coats and self-healing technology. Getting a detailer to apply a good paint protection would be a waste of money and I don't see a value in that. Paint Protection are rubbish anyway. No paint protection product can resist bird poo baking under the sun on paint. Just buy a $10 wax and apply every month, that's the best protection you can get. 


Clear coats are only designed to resist UV to an extent. Long exposure to the sun's UV rays (especially in Australia) will lead to clear coat fading and failure. While European, luxury and high end vehicles certainly have better quality paint, it is by no means impervious to UV, swirls or scratches.

Waxing your car is a good way to protect to some extend but not all. We did several test with conventional wax, sealant and coatings. Wax does not protect your car from chemical etching such as bird/bat poo, sealant does a okay job as long as it haven't been sit on the paint surface for too long.

Meanwhile Ceramic Quartz Coatings were resistant to chemicals of pH 2-11, UV and even physical resistance such as micro marring and very light swirl marks. Coatings are usually considered as permanent due to their inability to be washed away from regular washes and they require good preparation stages for the coating to perform well.

Masking is crucial as part of the preparation process for Paint Correction

Masking is crucial as part of the preparation process for Paint Correction

Myth #4 - Paint Correction is the same as Cut and Polish

Myth: Any detailers that claim they offer paint correction is exactly the same as cut and polish. It's just an marketing term detailers use as a marketing term for a huge price markup. 

Fact: Cut and polish is not just using a paste/liquid compound that you apply using a foam hand applicator and "polish" the paintwork that many people still assume. These paste/liquid cut and polish compounds are generally not designed for clear coat finishes, they work on oxidised single-stage paints that came out from the factory in the pre-1980s. Going all the way back, cut and polish actually means you "cut" back the paint with sand paper and polish the sanding marks out with a rotary with a lambswool pad. Typically these combination restores the paintwork back to how it looks like when its new, therefore the popularity of the term. In modern detailing world, a proper cut and polish is equivalent to Stage 3 to 4 Paint Correction where we wet-sand, heavy leveling with a rotary, level and finish it with a Rupes polisher which it would be a week worth of project and several cups of coffee.

Holograms caused by improper use of a rotary polisher.

Holograms caused by improper use of a rotary polisher.

Myth #5: There's no difference in price


Detailer A charges me $100 cheaper and the quality is no different from other detailers that charges more. What a deal!


We all hear about new detailing businesses that charges at a low rate and gets themselves busy. We respect that because we understand that a good detailer has to start somewhere.

But when comes to quality and results, its a whole different story. Good detailers charges more for a reason, a good detailer has more experience and attention to detail. To produce good results, a detailer needs to spend more time looking for little imperfections and taking extra steps in their work to achieve another level of perfection which cannot be learned overnight.

Furthermore, as a detailer progresses, they ideally invest more money into better equipment, more intensive techniques and better products. A detailer with a workshop, also has fixed overheads which are often larger meaning that his prices and work must reflect these costs.

We hoped we helped you to debunk some of the myths circulating around the topic on Car Detailing. For any questions or inquiries regarding about detailing, feel free to contact us by clicking here.

Why is Masking Rubber, Trims and Plastic Important?

Importance of Preparation 

Specialising in Car Detailing, Project Detail Sydney & Melbourne. We will be covering the importance of masking, preparation for paint polishing or wax application in our series decontamination and preparation. 

We will be talking about what is masking and why is it important.

Trims masked on a Volkswagen Scirocco R, preparation for Paint Correction,

Trims masked on a Volkswagen Scirocco R, preparation for Paint Correction,

Amateurs neglect, true professional embraces

There are thousands of discussion on the internet about masking off trims and plastics while polishing or waxing their paintwork. And beginner or amateur detailers doesn't seem to like the idea of spending the extra time to mask off areas.

Black plastic trims, especially rubbers are highly sensitive to compounds, polishes and waxes.  As some of you may have realised. Polishing or waxing over them may leave a white residue and more often or not, when you try to clean it off, it doesn't come off. Hence why it is important to mask all rubbers, trims and plastic to protect compounds, polishes and waxes touching them. 

Masking trims on a Lamborghini Gallardo on the A pillars.

Masking trims on a Lamborghini Gallardo on the A pillars.

In Project Detail, we highly emphasise on preparation stage. We strongly belief a good preparation work equals to good results. 

Pro-Tip: When your detailer is polishing the car or waxing it, check if he masks the trims and plastic. If he doesn't mask any of them to save time, stay away. 

Masking shows you good before and after results

Half of the panel masked, preparing for a 50/50

Half of the panel masked, preparing for a 50/50

Detailers love to show before and after shots, or what we call a 50/50 shot that shows the outcome after. This is a great way to reassure customers and sometimes it also made us feel motivated after seeing the difference of before and after. It can be achieved by masking half of the panel.

50/50 on a panel after a Stage 2 Paint Correction is performed.

50/50 on a panel after a Stage 2 Paint Correction is performed.

We hoped this article helped to understand on why masking is important when comes to Car Detailing. For any questions or enquiries, feel free to contact us by clicking here.

Modesta Sydney BC-04 BMW M5

Modesta BC-04 Nano-Titanium Glass Coating 

Modesta's BC-04 -  A Hydrophilic & Inorganic Glass Coating containing Titanium Oxide.

Project Detail is one of two authorised installers in Sydney for Modesta Glass Coatings, an exclusive range of protection products designed to provide next level results and fantastic protection. By partnering with such bespoke & prestigious coating, Project Detail continues to seek to improve its range of services it can offer its clientele. Read more about our impressions during our training with Modesta here.

In order the bring the most out the lines and colour for the BMW M5, we decided that the colour 'Singapore Grey' would benefit most from Modesta's BC-04 Nano Titanium Coating. This coating is a truly unique coating as Project Detail found out. The paintwork was suffering from water spots and swirl marks which required paint correction in order to remove.

Find out more about Water Spots in our article here.

Find out more about swirl marks and why they occur here.

BC-04 A lesson between Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic 

Modesta BC-04 is 'wet applied'

One of the key and most critical things about Modesta's BC-04 coating is that unlike the vast majority of glass coatings which exist on the market, it's classed as a hydrophilic coating. While every coating is boasting of its hydrophobicity, why choose a hydrophilic coating?

While hydrophobic coatings are definitely a major advantage and help repel water, the term 'phobic' refers to a fear, in this instance a fear of water. Meaning the more hydrophobic a surface is the higher the 'contact angle' because the beads of water sit extremely round and prominent.

Like all Modesta coatings, BC-04 requires curing with Infrared lamps for full potential.

What can be a downside for some vehicles depending on the colour, the angles of the panels and design of the vehicle, those round beads while extremely impressive visually can dry and leave water marks on the surface of the vehicle. A stationary vehicle would often have hundreds to thousands of beads of water sitting on the surface if parked outside. It would only take a few of the water beads to contain strong minerals or a chemical combined with sunshine to etch into the surface of the coating or clear coat of your car.

BC-04 overcomes this problem by being a hydrophilic coating. By 'loving the water' the surface sheets the water and any remaining water on the surface naturally runs off the car. While not as visually impressive as a highly hydrophobic coating, the longterm benefits for certain vehicles with large flat bonnets and in particular colours like Singapore Grey or Gunmetal like our BMW M5 will pay off versus the intensive water marks from a hydrophobic coating.

+ Plus Creation Technology

BC-04 accentuates the sharp lines of certain colours and allows for very contrasting gloss.

The BMW M5 had water spots removed and is now protected exclusively with Modesta.

While we cannot go over the exact installation method for BC-04, one of the things that will strike many detailers and clients alike is the fact BC-04 is 'wet' installed showcases the unique and avant-garde technology of Modesta.

BC-04 also contains Titanium Oxide in order to introduce a new level of hardness into the coating and when combined with inorganic pure and liquid glass produces a finish that is incredibly sharp in it's reflections and gloss, fully resistant to oxidisation and greatly increases scratch resistance.

Furthermore, BC-04 is resistant up to 900 °C meaning that under extreme usage or in hot environments the coating will not fade unlike many other SiO2 quartz based coatings.

To find out more about Modesta, visit the official site at or read our article here.

If you would like to enquire about Modesta's range of coatings for your vehicle or would like any additional information, please click here to send us an email.

Swissvax Full Detail - BMW M4 Coupe in Mineral Grey

Project Detail is Sydney's only authorised Swissvax Car Detailer. This bespoke range of Car Care Products when Combined with our specialised Detailing Studio in Gladesville, Sydney produces fantastic results for clients looking for the best detailing for their vehicles.

BMW M4 - Swissvax Full Detail finished with 'Blau-Weiss' hand made wax.

BMW - Sheer Driving Pleasure

The owner for this BMW M4 opted for our Swissvax Full Detail as a means of revitalising their coupe. The car looked very tired, had water marks, calcium and mineral deposits on the surface and general build up of dirt and debris across the entire vehicle.

The M4 underwent our 21-stage wash and decontamination process with the major change being that we utilised Swissvax products for each stage of the Full Detail. Swissvax is top tier car care range which utilises hand made products manufactured in Switzerland. What we covet about Swissvax is their bespoke approach towards different makes and models, providing waxes for different paint finishes or different leather materials to achieve the best results.

The BMW responded very well to the Swissvax Full Detail, all the mineral deposits were broken down and removed safely and the paintwork looked immaculate even before we applied the wax 'Blau-Weiss' to finish.

The wheels were also removed and deep cleaned with our hoists and a coat of Swissvax Autobahn wheel wax was applied in order to bring the best out of the gloss black finish and provide protection on the rims for the owner.

Swissvax Blau-Weiss - Hand Made for BMW Paintwork

If you are looking for quality detailing for your vehicle and you are not looking for more long term options such as Modesta Glass Coatings, consider our Swissvax Full Detail. It will treat every component of your vehicle with the highest quality care care product range.

Our Swissvax Full Detail not only uses all Swissvax products but the engine bay was washed, detailed and waxed. Even the rubbers & plastics were treated with Swissvax Seal Feed & Pneu.

Blau-Weiss, hand made for BMW Paintwork.

Stunning results from our Swissvax range.

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Authorised Modesta Installers - Sydney

Modesta - The pinnacle of Coating Technology

Project Detail is proud to announce it's partnership with Modesta in Sydney, the world's most advanced paint protection ceramic coating and look forward to being one of  very few authorised installers in Australia.

We recently completed our training learning more about this exclusive and unique vehicle coating system, find out more about our experiences below.

Autohaus Hamilton's Porsche 'skunkworks' 964 Carrera RS4 receives Modesta BC-05 Coating.

Autohaus Hamilton's Porsche 'skunkworks' 964 Carrera RS4 receives Modesta BC-05 Coating.

+ Plus Creation Technology 

Modesta BC-04 is a one of the truly unique 'Hydrophilic' Glass Coatings Project Detail offers.

Project Detail has extensive experience utilising ceramic glass coatings from various manufacturers from Silica Carbide coatings, silicone Dioxide coatings to and many other types. Modesta was an opportunity for Project Detail to partner with the worlds most exclusive coating which provided us with the results we wanted to provide our clients.

During the course of our training with Modesta, we discovered that Modesta's results and technology are simply in a different paradigm. Rather than competing with other coatings for SiO2 percentages or boasting about the 9H hardness, Modesta's coatings simply put are applied and provide drastically different results versus any other coating system Project Detail has seen.

Quality & Results

Extraordinary work by Ride & Shine Detailing in the Netherlands on this Audi R8 V10 finished with Modesta Paul Dalton Private Label Coating.

One of the primary attributes is that like minded detailing businesses globally which emphasise quality over a quantity approach, use Modesta as their coating of choice. Inspired by this example, Project Detail made the critical decision to adopt the product in order to provide it's clients with the best results for their vehicles.

Modesta is used by the world's most experienced and skilled detailers, some examples of this include:

BMW F10 M5 in Singapore Grey M5 coated with Modesta BC-04 showcasing a sharp gloss.

Make your vehicle Exclusive 

If you would be interested in finding out more regarding Modesta and it's range of premium glass coatings for your vehicle be sure to visit the international Modesta web site by clicking here.

Project Detail will be releasing a series of articles outlining and providing more information on Modesta's range of products in coming weeks, be sure to keep an eye out!

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