Project Detail is a specialised detailing & aesthetic customisation studio located in Auburn, Sydney. The core services we provide is paint correction, premium vehicle presentation and rejuvenation, paint protection film and protective glass coatings.

While we also offer window tinting, general detailing and pre-sale detailing, we have been fortunate enough to pursue our passions which takes our focus away from these services to really focus on doing what we love.

Richard Ma  and his team have created Project Detail in order to provide a specialised detailing workshop for car owners in Sydney. Having previously ran mobile detailing and workshops in Sydney for the past few years, it became frustrating for Richard to see that the level of knowledge and expertise was not up to standard and the work 'Detail' unfortunately became a watered down version of a car wash. Furthermore, many 'Detailers' in Sydney use methods extremely out of date, relying on the wrong machines which damage paintwork or using the wrong chemicals that no longer match the technology changing on the cars being sold today.

Now imagine, in the last 10 years, the types of paint on the cars being produced changed more than 5 times, from single stage, to Clear Coat (clear over base) or dual stage and now to Ceramic Clear or Self-Healing Clear finishes.

In addition most detailers, panel shops or spray painters are using technology to detail your car for paintwork from the 90's. Would that produce the results you are after? Most people are aware of a 'hand polish' for example but most people are not aware most modern paint finishes cannot be hand polished effectively anymore. The field of detailing is changing at such an incredible pace, only by staying in touch with the international detailing scene can you keep up with the latest methods and knowledge in detailing. 

Project Detail was designed to provide Sydney with a higher level of service with two elements, proper detailing for any service; car washing, pre-sale detailing to concourse level, paint correction and coating application. Secondly, the ability to provide information for the customer who is interested in the how's and why's behind your car being detailed. We are more then happy to provide advice on all aspects, from how to wash your car properly to what exactly is a glass coating. We regularly post to our blog and portfolio articles that will help all car owners.

Project Detail Sydney uses only the newest and current techniques chemicals and equipment from Germany, USA , Japan and South Korea. We also endorse using the best global brands such as Rupes, Menzerna, Meguiars and Scholl Concepts.

We stand by our workmanship and offer a guarantee on all work provided if you are unsatisfied. We look forward to detailing your car to the highest standard in Sydney. 

We are fully insured to detail and to hold your vehicle on our premise for the duration of the service. Furthermore, we can offer a valet service to pickup and drop off clients or their vehicles but prior arrangements must be agreed upon.

Our dedicated studio's are secure and are armed with back to base alarms for your peace of mind.

Our current 2018 Insurance Certificate of Currency is available here.

For all enquiries and bookings, you can reach us by the contact page here.